How to foster mental health?

Mental health is often overlooked and underrated but it is just as prominent as our physical well being. More frequently people relate the term health to the physical body but mental and physical health are closely inter-related. Though we separate the terms as body and mind, one cannot be physically fit completely if he/she carries a poor mental health because it leaves a negative impact on the physical body. A good mental state paves the way for a healthy lifestyle and prevents several serious health conditions. A study found that positive mental well being can mitigate the risks of heart attacks and strokes. The mortality rate from cancer and heart disease is higher amidst people who suffer from depression or other mental health conditions. It is apparent that our body can give rise to many physical problems when we are mentally ill. Mental illness in simple terms can be the depression, anxiety, irregular eating habits and stress, that are faced by many in their day to day lives which lay the root causes for many complicated mental disorders. How to promote mental health for a thriving and vigorous life?

In the contemporary world everyone are rapidly running to acquire means for a wealthy lifestyle but in this process we have forgotten that health is our greatest wealth. In this modernized society we afford every thing by just a single click from the tip of our hands, perform more smart works rather than hard work, for this our mind should be clear and strong but on the other hand mental illness is an issue faced even by the little ones these days and so we have to frame some valuable time to engage in a mindfulness to lead a fruitful life. There so much factors that contributes to the stress and depression from time to time but mental health is very salient for the further going.

In the rushing lifestyle just make some time for your hobbies, do things that you relish and which makes you feel relaxed. As mental health can have a positive impact on the physical body similarly take good care yourself physically to improve the mental health. Intake nutritious food, have a regular and adequate sleep because lack of sleep contributes to a high rate of depression, stay hydrated. Exercise regularly which curtails stress & anxiety levels and enhances the mood. It will sharpen our memory and augments our thinking capacity. Benefits of yoga are well known and it could be a great stress reliever and improves the quality of life. It will help build confidence & self esteem, calm the mind and gradually helps to boost the immunity. When you feel that sometimes when life is getting over you just get a grip yourself with the succor of your family and friends, widen your horizons, seek out activities that can get you out of the mental trauma. Surround yourself with good people and positive thoughts which tends to leave a huge positive impact in your mind. If you have any intense mental issues do consult a psychiatrist without any hesitation and delay as prevention is better than cure. Things will be beautiful in its time and just wait for your time to arrive without becoming more stressed or intimidated about the future.

Healthy mind in a healthy body is the healthy style of living.

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  1. It is very hard to fight against any mental disorder but the most satisfying thing that i learned as a doctor from books, researches and eye witnessed trials is that, any mental disorders can be treated and can be cured by those mental patients themselves.