Is Media still Working On its ethics and norms.

As the UP Election are on the way all the political parties are on their way to lure the public towards them to getthe votes and to win the elections. Therefore a lot interviews and rallies have started taken place. India has just came out of the second wave of Covid-19 and somehow there were many political rallies lead to the boost in cases at some places.

Sadly the same thing is happening again and the rallies and political gatherings have started again. No one knows what can be the result of all this but as there are a chances of having a third wave of Covid-19 around October it is not something that leaders should be focusing on.

Among all this the role of media has became limited to promoting the government and several products only. The major news channels are not talking about the problems that may arise as the result of the actions taken by Government. Upon having a chance to interview they only end up asking silly questions like a 5 year old fro, prime minister and from chief minister as well.

The role of media is to ask questions on behalf of the public but it seems to do everything except that only.

what do you think about current media and what do you think about the government. please share your thoughts in the comments below.