Star Wars VII: Explained

The story picks up almost 30 years after the battle of Endor. The republic faces a new enemy, the first order. The fist order is the remnant of the empire lead by supreme leader Snoke. The republic fights back with help of The Resistance led by general Leia Organa. Luke Skywalker has gone missing after the rise of the first order, Leia and the resistance aim to find Luke considered to be a hero.

Poe Damerone a resistance pilot finds a clue to Luke’s whereabouts, he finds a map that is supposed to point towards the hidden Luke. Before Poe could escape storm troopers led by the ruthless Kylo Ren raid the village to find Poe and the piece, Poe hides the pieces in his droid BB-8 before being caught by Kylo. BB-8 escapes into the desert unnoticed while Poe is taken to Kylo’s, aboard the ship Poe gives up the information after being tortured by Kylo. BB-8 is almost captured by scavengers but is saved by human Rey, BB-8 begins to follow Rey around. Meanwhile a storm trooper FN-2187 helps Poe escape the star destroyer.

The duo crash-lands on Jaaku after being shot by the star destroyer, FN-2187 now calling himself Finn survives the crash-landing. Assuming Poe to be dead Finn starts looking for BB-8 intending to take him to the Resistance and start a new life, he encounters BB-8 who is protected by Rey. Finn lies about being with the resistance as BB-8 recognises the jacket to be Poe’s, Finn helps Rey and BB-8 evade the forces sent by the First order who located the droid. With nobody else to help the group against the First order, Rey decides to steal an old abandoned ship. Rey pilots the ship to hyperspace after defeating a squadron of TIE fighters.

The ship is boarded by its former owners Han Solo and Chewbacca. After a brief fight with the gangs pursuing Han, the group now joined by Han and Chewie escape in the Millennium Falcon. Aboard the Falcon Han explains that Luke tried rebuilding the Jedi Order but one of his apprentice defected to the Dark side and destroyed all the others. The map stored within BB-8 is deemed just a fragment by Solo who decides to deliver the map to the resistance. Han decides to take BB-8 to Maz Kanta who could help getting the droid to the resistance. Meanwhile it is revealed by Snoke that Kylo Ren is Han Solo’s son.

After arriving on the planet Takodana to speak with Maz Kanta, Han offers Rey a job which she gladly accepts. The Force draws Rey to the Lightsaber that belonged to the Late Anakin Skywalker and briefly used by his son Luke Skywalker. Confused and scared due to a vision the Force shows her Rey flees to the woods. Maz gives the saber to Finn for safekeeping believing the saber to have chosen Rey. The first order launches an attack on Takadona to find BB-8, the group about to be beaten is saved by a squadron of Resistance X-Wings led by Poe who survived the crash. In the chaos Rey is captured by Kylo and taken to the starkiller base. Leia arrives on Takodana with C3-PO and reunites with Han.

The resistance having learnt about the star killer base plan an operation to destroy the planet, This plan is led by Han who devises of a plan to rescue Rey and plant explosives on the planet. On the starkiller base Kylo tries to use the Force to torture Rey who resists Kylo. Snoke orders Kylo to bring Rey before him as he realises Rey can use the Force. Rey escapes the base using a Jedi Mind trick on a guard. Meanwhile the resistance group arrives on the base and spots Rey after infiltrating the base.

Kylo Ren is sent to deal with the intruders and comes face to face with his father. Han Solo tries to reach out to Kylo by calling him with his birth name Ben, Kylo seems to consider but ends up killing Han. The movies makes excellent use of lighting to show what part of Kylo is thinking, Red light shows Kylo Ren and Blue light shows Ben Solo. An enraged Chewie shoots Kylo and allows Finn to set off the explosives. An injured Kylo follows Rey who fled into the woods, Finn protects Rey with the lightsaber but is knocked unconscious. Rey reaches out with the Force and grabs the saber to defeat Kylo in a duel. Snoke orders Kylo to evacuate the exploding planet and to come before him to complete his training. Chewie rescues Rey and the unconscious Finn and takes them to the rebel base.

On the rebel base BB-8 finds R2 and completes the map to Skywalker. Rey uses this map to reach to Luke using the falcon on the far off planet Ahch-to. She finds Skywalker and gives him his former weapon.

The movie ends at this point, we will take up the next story soon. Until then may the Force be with you.

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