Tips to get through a Bad day

Not everyday is a perfect day. Not everything will be perfect as you think. One day will be the best day, you accomplish all your targets and will have a happy ending. Another day will be worst, every plan fails and every second a new problem arises. What do you do if your day is going rough? How you handle yourself if you get angry and irritated by everything that’s going around. You can only wish for a restart button. Better thing is to try to handle everything with peace even though you are loosing it. Dragging yourself towards positivity when life is trying to push you back, will be a good strategy to follow for your own good. You can try these things if you are having a unpleasant day.

go for a walk

To get things out of your head, you can choose a lonely walk. Just walk by a roadside or in a park, whatever is good for you. Just get out of the place which is making you feel unpleasant. If you can, just go for a picnic. watching the outside world will make you realize that you are not the only one with struggles. You may get inspired by some stranger or the busy world, will take out the problem from your head.

just breath in

The day may get hectic and bring you discomfort. When you feel as if you are inside a trap, sit back and try to relax. Try to concentrate on your breathing, may be some pranayama, and take a deep breath. Concentrating on your breath relaxes you and shifts your attention from the tension. This may be is a very short term solution, but this will help you rethink and think better.

get a treat for yourself

Why to have treat only when you are happy. Get a treat to make yourself happy. Grab some coffee or get a pastry or a cake. Even you can bake for yourself. Make your favorite drink or visit your favorite restaurant.

just write it out

What’s bothering you all day? let that flow out through your words inside a journal. Write about the whole day. Write about all the reasons you think of, for the bad mood. Write about all your feelings. Let them be stay inside a book rather be inside your head. This will help you have a better perspective about the things. You will get to analyze what went wrong and what you should do now. It will help you take better decisions.

let music takeover you

If you are a person who loves music, what is better to deal with the bad day other than music! Just put your headphones on and let the world be on mute. Or just sing for yourself. Play any instrument if you can. Sing as if nobody around you. Dance on your favorite song. Listen to all motivational songs and cheer yourself up.

talk to the people you love

Why do you have bestfriends! call them. Talk to your buddy who will complain along with you about the bad life. Talk and laugh through your bad fortune. Or they will help you get out of the problem. Talk to your family. They may not have a best solution ready in hand, but talking to them will make you feel lighter.

trust you hobby

Your hobby will be a best partner. Just read a book or cook. Clean your house or draw a bird. Watch a movie or a fun Vedio. They will help you get out of bad mood.

At last, we all know nothing stays forever. Then a small problem should not be affecting you too much. Be happy for what you have. Be grateful and graceful. Remember a non living thing will never get problems, only living things do. Try to solve the problem and find out what caused it if you can. Just let a day be a day, not more than that.

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