BatmanStream is a very well known name among users who are sports enthusiasts.
It provides free and live streaming of a wide range of sports which are being played around the world anywhere and anytime. Some of the major live sports games that it covers includes hockey, football, rugby, tennis, volleyball and so on. The most promising feature of this website is that all the live streaming is free from those annoying ads.
There is a feature to share the link of all the live streaming sports events. “Tweet” option allows the users to share their views and opinions among the other users. You can also bookmark the events of your interest. All these unique and handy features suggests that it has an awesome user interface and one of the best website to watch live sports.
But in the recent times, links are not available on time and users fail or are deprived of the uninterrupted and full live streaming of their favorite live sports events.
To overcome these types of unavoidable circumstances, there is a strong need for finding some other better alternatives to it.


  • ESPN Player – ESPN Player is the first one to make it into this list. It provides full schedule of all the currently live streaming sports events and events that are going to be played in the upcoming near future.
    However it is available in selected parts of the world that includes Europe, Middle East, Africa and some parts of Asia. But there is nothing to worry about for the users from rest parts of the world as you can easily connect to any VPN network of these countries and can enjoy all the live sports events.
  • Laola1 – Laola1 is the third one to make into the list. It offers high quality and exclusive content to the users.
    It has 3 portals on the official website that are Austria, Germany and International. Users can select any one of these portals. It provides all the live streaming sports in both German and English.
    It is totally safe to use but still it asks permissions as it uses cookies on the website.
  • Sportrar – Sportrar is a blistering website of this field. Filters option on the basis of All Games, Live Games, Finished, Games on TV, Not Started are available for the users.
    The website is safe for the users as there are no privacy issues. However, the website use cookies and asks some permissions from the users to run smoothly.
  • Sony LIV – Sony LIV is a premium website for streaming all the live sports events that are being played around the globe. It is owned by Sony broadcasting limited.
    But all the content available on it is not free of cost. A monthly or yearly subscription is mandatory.
    The user interface is undoubtedly one of the best among its competitors and it is a reliable and trustworthy option for the sports lovers.
  • StreamWoop – StreamWoop is a brilliant website for the live streaming of sports events and is rated very high among the sports lovers. The major advantages of it are that it is free of those annoying ads and fast and stable streaming links.

There are a huge number of sports lovers all over the world and many websites provide free but pirated streaming content for them. To have these alternatives is not a bad task.

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