Book Review: The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

The Girl who saved the king of Sweden is written by Jonas Jonasson. His best-selling novel is the hundred years old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared.

Book plot:

Nombeko Mayeki is born a poor black girl in Soweto. She leaves the slums and in a twist of fate. She ran over a car but survives. this puts her into the employ of the engineer who ran her over, as a cleaner in South Africa’s secret nuclear weapons facility.
Nombeko is smart, brilliant and a fast learner. Even during her childhood, she is surrounded by uneducated people, still, she managed to teach herself how to read write, and calculate arithmetics. She even tells the answers of long multiplications within seconds. She learned English and poetry from a scholar who has 32 diamonds in his teeth. He is irresponsible about his life, but he is good at poetry and reading. First, he wanted to seduce Nombeko but, she stabbed his leg with her scissors and made him use a crane for more than several months. After that incident she always had her scissors wherever she goes, one night she came to know that person is dead and went to his home and grabbed all his diamonds then in the morning she left her native place.
In the custody of the engineer, she taught herself engineering arithmetics and science as well as learned Chinese from the other servent sisters. After fate made her escape from there. She went to Sweden but… Instead of antelope meat, one of the atomic bombs ended up inside her luggage.
Nombeko’s Ultimate wish is to live a normal and happy life with her own family and children. How does she gets rid of that nuclear weapon, what happened to her diamonds? how she lives her life normally and how she saves the king of Sweden- as it is said in the title of the book is the main plot of this book.

About the book:

This is one of the books that you never feel pathetic whenever a character dies. Cause, the whole book is written in a comical manner, and the author used a lot of anectode and funny incidents to make the book more alive.

Some facts about Jonas Jonasson’s books:

  • His storylines will be simple and understanding. Whatever the plot might be, it will have the question mark of what is going to happen at every end of the chapters in our minds.
  • Jonas Jonasson’s book themes will be similar to his other works. The cover itself tells you that the appearance of the books is similar to one and another.
  • Jonas Jonasson is a comedy writer. Who writes with a lot of anectodes and comical scenes. He is one of the authors who has the ability to make the funeral into a theatre.

Book Quotes:

It sure was an unjust world when certain people received an excess of certain things, while others got nothing.

The more I see of men, the more I like my dog.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.