Change before you have to…

Don’t be afraid to give up your better days, surely it will turn to be the best. The most wonderful discovery that a person can do ,is to bring out a change. Even a huge dense forest starts from a small plant , even the small change in you can make great things happen.

If you try to change ,yes ofcourse you have a chance of losing, but if you don’t even try ,you have already lost. Never start a journey just because it is easy, always make sure your choice makes you feel alive.

Dreams are the seeds of changes, no plants grows without a seed and nothing changes without a dream. The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the change, that you have to take to achieve your dreams.

Life is about changes, sometimes it is sorrowful, sometimes it is wonderful, but most of the times it is between.

People say life is full of changes, it is because if you don’t change, you don’t grow, if you don’t grow ,you are not actually living.yes ofcourse, changing yourself suddenly, is painful. But it is even more painful to stay stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Not everything that you get in can be changed but nothing can be changed without you getting in. Don’t wait for someone else to change your life.You are the one you have been waiting for.You are the change that you have been seeking for.

“sometimes the things you can’t change ,end up changing you , at least cooperate with it”.

when life changing moment comes on your way, you can do one of two things, change the moment or let the moment change you…

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