How To Describe The Indescribable?

“Describing the indescribable is a work of extreme talent and passion.”

  • Amatullah. P

Salut! Today’s article highlights the ways of describing the indescribable aspects of storytelling.

A writer gains popularity when indescribable facets of a story are described fluently. Of course, this can be done through imagination. This is mainly incorporated in fictional story telling. For instance, in my earlier articles, I have elaborated on the ways of writing fiction which also highlights the creation of ‘alien to the world’ characters. Thus, this is a continuation to that. If you create a bizarre character which is non – existent then you sure will need to provide some description. So, that is how describing the indescribable comes into the picture.

So, let us learn some of the ways of describing the indescribable aspects or characters in storytelling.

Create A Fictional Character That Is Easy For You To Describe Later!

So very important! When you design a peculiar character, you must never forget to keep some description of it in your head through rigorous imagination. Try to jot down some points of description in your notepad in case you are forgetful.

Merge The Description With The Existent Objects!

Try creating a description on the basis of the description or attributes of existent things. You could imagine describing some part of it but also merge it with the description of the describable. For instance, if you have framed a story as your visit to mars and your encounter with aliens there, then you are expected to create a good description of that alien. You could assign it humanlike characteristics (describable entities) and merge it with your own imaginative description. (That is their names are in the form of numbers. The alien you met was named 224). Thus, here you see, human tendency of name has been assigned to a non – existent entity alien and merged with the imaginative concept of numbered names!

Include The Facial Features, Setting, And Imaginative Background Story Of That Indescribable Character!

This would not only enhance the story but also your levels of imagination thereby improving your reputation as a writer. Try not to excessively attribute qualities of existent aspects to the non -existent ones because that doesn’t prove your creativity. Include it just once or twice as an auxiliary branch to your content. Include it to make your work interesting and not to escape imagination!  All I mean is that one can’t escape from including the existent qualities in the indescribable content, but the thing to remember is that the description of that fictional being remains unpopular even with the existent aspects. For instance, the alien 224 has 3 eyes with no retina whatsoever. The eyes are milky white and look creepy. The gender isn’t specified there because they all look the same. The aliens are red in colour as the planet mars.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush With Your Description!

Be straight to the point when describing the characters. Don’t twist and turn the story to the extreme level. In short, don’t incorporate much drama. I don’t say that one must completely avoid twisting the story but there sure is a limit to that. Arrive at conclusions faster after twisting the story for quite some time in order to not avoid breaking the alacrity of the audience.

Beat Around the Bush: Meaning of a Medieval Term Still Used Today

Thus, I would conclude stating that describing the indescribable is a work of imagination which can’t be ignored. Fiction writing would be enhanced with the inclusion of this aspect. Of course, in reality the indescribable things can’t be explained because of their real nature but writing provides us the privilege of including unreal aspects as well which is assigned goodness in the form of imagination! The goal is to describe these non – existent entities as existential. So, now that you know some points, why not try doing it? Plunge your notebook out and get imagining!

Happy Writing And Thinking! 😉