“The Bad Mother’s Handbook” is a Domestic fiction by the author Kate long. The book was originally published in 2004. “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” is the first novel of Kate Long. The book was also adapted into a movie by the same name.


“The Bad Mother’s Handbook” is the story of a year in the lives of three women Charlotte, Karen and Nan. Karen is the mother in her thirties raising a teenage girl Charlotte. Charlotte is an highschool girl. Karen’s mother Nan is suffering from Alzheimer.

1997, the year Blair was elected and Diana died; and the year that changed everything for Charlotte, Karen and Nan. Charlotte is doing her A-levels and she is pregnant . Karen, her mother is thirty three and she is about to be a grandmother. How cuffed is she with that? And then there is Nan, who is not bothered about her granddaughter’s pregnancy. She has other things on her mind.

For Seventeen year old Charlotte cooper, it became too late to find out her pregnancy. Despite her efforts to finish her school, to handle her angry mother and cope up with her loving but slightly crazy Nan, she is pregnant. And the boy who is responsible for her pregnancy doesn’t  want to take any responsibilities.

  Charlotte’s mother, Karen, is trying to convince herself that there are worse things than becoming a grandmother at thirty-three. For instance, there’s wanting to kill Charlotte for the mess she’s made of her life.Karen uncovers a scandalous family secret involving her own birth, and then falls back with her ex-husband. So much for perfect timing.

In the meantime, Karen’s mother, Nan, is having a trouble with names (sometimes her own). But that doesn’t keep her from retaining a few things she’d rather forget. Of course, Nan knows that everything will work out fine for Charlotte and the baby–these things usually do. Now, if only she could put the pieces of her own fragmented memory together, she might have an interesting tale or two to share.

In this funny novel, three generations of mothers learn that it’s the simplest mistakes that can change your life forever. With wit and wisdom, Kate Long proves that there are as many kinds of mothers as there are daughters, but the love that binds them all is what truly matters.


‘there’ll never be equality of the sexes till men can get pregnant.”

“Everyone’s history is the product of someone else’s; what we think of as our own experience is only what’s has been bestowed on us by others and you can’t walk away from that. And Why should you?”

“I don’t know which is worse; fear or boredom.”


“The Bad Mother’s Handbook” remind me that there is neither a perfect time nor a perfect way to be a mother.