The most expensive city in India is none other the city of dreams, the city that is better known as the home of ‘Bollywood’, Mumbai. It is the capital city of Maharashtra and it is also the economic capital of India too. Though it has less area for building many homes, because of a lot of beaches and sea areas, it has very tall buildings and thus very little space to breathe. Since it has a lot of posh people, the cost of expense is higher than all the other cities in the country.

It is not surprising that Indian cities are emerging to be among key contenders providing a business case to relocate operations for manufacturing or services for reasons such as skill availability, cost competitiveness and attractiveness to mobilize executives to conduct business.

Bengaluru has witnessed the highest jump in ranking, on account of surge in prices, especially on items pertaining to food and personal care. The city is also one of the most expensive cities in India on account of transportation, which include taxi fares, cost of auto and auto parts as well as running costs, it said.

The city of Mumbai occupies a peninsular site on Bombay Island, a landmass originally composed of seven islets lying off the Konkan coast of western India. Since the 17th century the islets have been joined through drainage and reclamation projects, as well as through the construction of causeways and breakwaters, to form Bombay Island. East of the island are the sheltered waters of Mumbai ( Bombay) harbour. Bombay Island consists of a low-lying plain, about one-fourth of which lies below sea level; the plain is flanked on the east and west by two parallel ridges of low hills. Colaba Point, the headland formed on the extreme south by the longer of those ridges, protects Mumbai Harbour from the open sea.

The natural beauty of Mumbai is unsurpassed by that of most other cities in the region. The entrance into Mumbai Harbour from the sea discloses a magnificent panorama framed by the western Ghats mountain range on the mainland. 

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