Revenge Travel-call for THIRD WAVE

Shall we all just rewind 2021 few days back and see, how we all were suffering due to the second wave of Covid-19.Many of us where struggling financially, some got unemployed, some faced lack of medicine, some died due to the shortage of remdesivir injection, some due to non-availability of hospital bed, some of us might have lose their loved ones forever and this all happened due to the sudden increase in Covid positive patient as we were hit by the second wave of Covid-19,which was the ultimate result of our carelessness. And today without any precautions people are relaxing in various tourist spots. Now, it looks like we are going to repeat the same cycle again.

Increase in Tourist-on going carelessness

Looking at these pictures, can anyone believe pandemic is going on? The above are recent pictures from the northern part of India, which has been fully crowded by the tourists across India. Due to the sudden increase in tourist, hotel rooms are unavailable. It’s not only about northern India, even east part of Maharashtra witnessed crowd of tourist. Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar there’s a sudden increase in tourists. This ultimately results in no precaution.

Post Lockdown crowd witnessed by Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar

By looking at the crowd and increasing number of tourist, it all says about happening of 3rd wave of Covid. This phenomena has a name “Revenge Travel“. According to Union Health Ministry if this increase in number of tourist continuous to happen, not only third wave but also India should expect fourth wave as well.

What is rEveNge tRavEl?

Sitting home for several months and getting vacation plans cancelled due to second wave, all people started thinking the same. So when the restrictions due to pandemic where lifted and improvement in condition was observed, all the people started stepping out for a vacation in order to get out of all the anxiety and restlessness caused due to the second wave lockdown-and as I say all people started thinking the same. As per Health Ministry, Covid cases in India have reduced by 30%-which is a great news!!But still states like Maharashtra, Tamil-Nadu, Assam, Odisha have a positivity rate of 10%.

Once the positivity rate comes down to 5%,
then it can be considered safe.
So we need to maintain 
the same momentum of testing.
  -Dr Balram Bhargava,

So in order to achieve the positivity rate of 5% we need to vaccinate as many people as possible and continue the process of vaccination. Meanwhile, in such scenario when we get to see such pictures of large number of tourist-frightens us.

Have we leaRnt notHing?

Once the cases started coming down in numbers across the country, we immediately started normalizing the things and stepped out of the house without any precautions. Aren’t the things happening in the similar fashion as that after first wave which led to sudden increase in cases resulted in second wave-more deadlier than first wave. And now it seems like we are repeating the same cycle again. This what we call carelessness. The way people were careful, at the same level people are careless now towards the pandemic. The main problem or the reason for this is majority of people don’t understand the difference between CARELESS and CAREFREE.

How Revenge Travel can devastate in long run.

As the cases reduced overnight increase in tourist number has been observed leading to no booking in the hotels and lodges, which created a difficulty in managing the tourist. In order to manage the crowd led to the need of employees. The hotels starts hiring employees from other villages or town.90% tourist and newly hired staff don’t carry Covid but the remaining 10% carry, who are further responsible for the increase in cases. Later on due to sudden increase in cases government gets forced to take measures like Curfew and lockdown. This leds to shut down of tourists places and the newly hired staff gets unemployed (i.e., temporary employment).Now this unemployed staff gets back to their native, along with new variants. That’s why we were hit by the second wave which was more deadlier than the first. But, do we have learnt anything from the past situation? This wave of uncertainty is not only dangerous to our lives but for our economy as well. This is not only India, the same circle is happening outside as well. Example: UK reports increase in cases since Jan 21.Cases were about to control when a more infectious variant was detected in the country. Fear arises that lambda COVID-19 variant from Peru is more deadlier than Delta variant. This variant has also been found in 30 countries so far.

Here we need to understand that as long as this pandemic exists, new variant will also get detected which may be resistant to the vaccine as vaccines against these variants are not yet tested. We need to have this realization that vaccine is the only weapon we have today against Covid-19,if this fails then there may be no hopes for the end of the Covid-19 and pandemic will never end.

There still exists some sensible people, who don’t leave their house unnecesarily and follow all the Covid related measures and take the precautions because of some restless and insensible people we still have the hanging sword on our neck.

We cannot live in Extreme

Look I know everyone is tired of sitting at home, we want to travel, economy is hitting hard. The travel and hospitality sector is suffering badly. Off course travel gradually needs to open as well, but the problem is we seem to live in absolute extremes. Either it is a extreme like a lockdown or the extreme of utter carelessness. Our new normal should somewhere lie between these both.

My intention is not to target anyone or to villain out anyone. It’s totally understandable that we all were going through a complicated situation. This article is just to remind us, to be in touch with some most essential facts in order to overcome this pandemic situation. To make understand that what we should prioritize.


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