Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural creatures are not explainable by the laws of nature. They have abilities which are superhuman. Abilities like magic, levitation, mind control, extra sensory perceptions.
They have been mentioned in various forklore and mythological books and contexts. It states that humans believe in a superior power, good and bad. We can know more about these supernatural creatures from various movies and tv shows like the vampire diaries, lucifer, twilight, conjuring, supernaturals, etc. But they have showed some creatures like hybrids (vampire and werewolf) , and heretics (vampires with magical powers) which are not mentioned in any mythological history and are fictional.
Although there is no proof that they still exist but some paranormalists believe that ghosts and spirits do exist.
Some supernatural creatures and phenomenons :
1. Deity – They are the believed to be god, a supreme power. They are worshipped by people.
2. Angels – They are said to be the intermediataries between god and earth. They protect the children of god.
3. Prophecy – They are said to be the ones who completes God’s task on earth.
4. Revelation – When god or the good spirit appreas in form of visions or dreams.
5. Reincarnation – When the supernatural starts living inside the bodies of others.
6. Spirits – They are ghosts or angels.
7. Demon – A bad entity as said in religious history.
8.  Witchcraft – Practice of magical powers in a person.
9.  Miracles – Events which are not explainable by nature or scientific laws.
10. Banshee – Female spirit who’s whining amd crying is fatel.
11. Elf – Legendary beings who are mysterious and small.
12. Devil – Evil subordinates or bad spirits who harm humans.
13. Dwarf – Small creatures with magical powers.
14. Fairies –  Who are human like with magical powers and seem to keep others happy.
15. Genie – Creature who fulfils his master’s wishes.
16. Ghost – Spirit of a dead person who haunts people.
17. Giant – A mythical creature of superhuman size.
18. Golem – Artificially created human being by supernaturals.
19. Guarding angel – Who protects a person.
20. Imp – A small creature
21. Leprechaun – A small creature who is mysterious and troublesome.
22. Pixie – A fairy or elf.
23. Vampires – Human like creatures who cannot stand sunlight and drink human blood to survive.
24. Werewolf- A human like creature who turns into a wolf on certain specific occasions.
25. Wraith- A supermatural spirit who reanimates a dead body
26. Sirens – The legend of Greek mythology states that the monstrous women would sing enticing songs and lure sailors to their doom to eat them.
27. Basilisk – A serpentine creature who, much like the Gorgons of Greek myth, can kill with one look.
28. Phoenix – The golden bird who, at the end of its life, burst into flames only to be reborn again.
29. Cyclopes – The one-eyed giant who captured and ate people.
30. Centaurs – With the top half of a human and the full body of a horse.
31. Goblin –  a small grotesque supernatural creature, regarded as malevolent towards human beings.
32. Troll – one of a class of supernatural creatures that dwell in caves or mountains and are depicted either as dwarfs or as giants.