Teenage and Addiction

Adolescence is the age group which is extremely sensitive one. It is that stage of life when ones perception and behavior completely changes. Addiction is a chronic disorder which is characterized by consumption of drugs in spite of knowing that it has harmful consequences. Addiction to something directly results in creating a stressful situation if a person is caught in the trap of craving. Addiction to anything is like any other disorder which fallouts as an unhealthy body, lifeless mind, etc. sometimes addiction stayed lifetime with a person and ultimately leads to death. Addiction to anything is quite harmful and ultimately results in treacherous outcome.

When comes to drug and addiction teens come under highest rank. Adolescence is that stage of life when everything is new and people try it for the first time. Be it first time smoking, first glass of drink or first love. Teen age is the most difficult period of one’s life. Usually the reason behind teenager’s involvement in addiction is either to show off and become relax or it help in dealing with problems and social conflicts as well as for the sake of curiosity. But no matter whatever the reason such behavior is neither acceptable nor suits the teens. What is important is to identify at the right time that one is getting addicted. The person who is addicted has characteristic like regular mood swing, ignorance of appetite and hygiene, decline in family relationship, lack of self-motivation, a behavior which is too violent and aggressive. The characteristic are very common as it is of hormonal change thus it often makes difficult for people to identify whether they are caught in the trap of addiction to any substance or it’s just a normal hormonal balance in body. Adolescence and addiction is not just a problem from the teen but for the family too. Seeing the child going into the wrong path can be extremely dreadful for the parents as well. One should never ignore the teen problems as if often results in getting used to addiction which gives a disastrous results. Recognizing one’s own flaws and taking necessary steps to get rid of it important.  Addiction is divided into two categories. Where the first one is physical addition, where one acquires craving for drugs and the whole body becomes completely dependent upon that substance. The other one is psychological addition where the craving is psychological or full of emotion. In this people have the desire to have drugs anytime and anywhere.
Adolescence is the only stage where there are lots of ups and downs in one’s life. It is a phase between childhood and adulthood. With the arrival of this stage one needs to be extremely careful in life. Recovering from such disorders generally takes lifetime, it is not a process which can be rid in few weeks, rather than it takes long lasting treatment. There are many supports groups available which help the people in overcoming from this problem. As soon as the addiction is treated it gives a more powerful and successful results. Obsession of anything is a problem which need to be stop as soon as possible before it turn out to give a sever outcome.

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