A Monk

Who are Monks ?

Why people are becoming Monks?

Is it some kind of religion ?

How a monk lives ?

What kind of God they persuit ?

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A monk is a person who practices religious asceticism by monastic living, either alone or with any number of other monks . A monk may be a person who decides to dedicate his life to serving all other living beings, or to be an ascetic who voluntarily chooses to leave mainstream society and live his or her life in prayer and contemplation. The concept is ancient and can be seen in many religions and in philosophy.

In simple words , A monk is a man who devoted part or all of his life to a religion. The word comes from Ancient Greek, and can be translated as solitary. In Greek, the word can apply to women, but in modern English it is mainly used for men. The word nun is usually used for female monastics. Monks practice asceticism. They either live alone, or together with other monks who share the same ideals. Monks can be found in different religions, most often in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism and Taoism.

There living

Monks usually follow rules and regulations for convenient life. As a monk you must obey these rules .

  1. Poverty: the monk cannot own anything.
  2. Chastity: the monk cannot have sex or a sexual relationship and cannot start a family or get married.
  3. Solitude: the monk should always be alone. Some monks choose to not follow this law.
  4. Silence: the monk shall not speak unless it is necessary.
  5. Generosity: the monk should always help other people.
  6. Stillness: the monk cannot travel far unless it is necessary. Sometimes this means that the monk must be cloistered which means that they must not leave their monastery (especially Warsa period). Sometimes they can be allowed to leave, but must not go very far.
  7. Duty: The monk must do some things every day. For example, the monk must pray or meditate and must do some work.

Indian monks

One of the finest and versatile monk in India was Swami Vivekananda . Swami Vivekananda was greatly inspired by Ramakrishna. For Swami, Ramakrishna was just a plain and simple villager, who was a part of the Kali temple. However, his intense spiritual practices intrigued Swami.

For five years, Swami learnt everything from his master, Ramakrishna. After his master left the world, everyone looked up to Swami. He urged the followers of Ramakrishna to leave the worldly pleasures and look up to God.

“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.”

His saying intrigued just not one nation but the whole world .

Life lessons

Being a monk , gives you a pleasure of being yourself . We live in the world where we get pleasure from materialistic things . We become selfish , ruthless, dull, lifeless and worthless. You have to believe in yourself in order to excel in life.

Start learning from lessons.

  • When you start to do meditation you recognize the egotistical mind.
  • Trying until you get it right.
  • The answer to your question is inside of you.
  • Real wisdom in life comes from doing something and failing.
  • We must be both compassionate and resilient.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Detach from your ego.
  • Happiness come from within, and also comes from outside.