Some Historical Tourists Places in India

Travelling is the part of human life. Travelling give knowledge, inner peace, change of mind. India has a glorious history of past. All around India we can see the footprint of history. They are the great tourist attraction of India. Delhi & Agra is the main tourist attraction in the case of historical tourist places as there are  many monuments ,construction are situated here.  Let’s talk about some of them ––

1.India Gate: It is situated in Rajpath in New Delhi , the capital of India . It is the symbol of the capital of India, Delhi. The designer of India Gate was Sir Edwin Lutyens. It was constructed on 12th February on 1931.It is a 42m tall war Memorial. India Gate of constructed in the memory of the 70000 British Indian Army soldiers who sacrificed their life during the first world war and in the third Anglo Afghan war. There is a ritual that in every Republic Day Prime Minister of India will visit the gate ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ canopy is also the part of India Gate.

India Gate

2.Golden temple: It is situated in Amritsar in Punjab. It is a pilgrimage tourist place. Its construction was completed in the year of 1604. It’s another name is Harmandir Sahib (which mean abode of God). It is very remarkable shrine with the concepts of purity, virtual reality and spirituality for not only Sikhs but also for other religions. Guru Arjan contributed a copy of Adi-Granth in 1604 in Golden temple. There is an artificial pool called Sarovar as a source of holy water. It is acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Golden temple

3.The Lotus Temple: It is situated in New Delhi in India. It is a worship house. This construction was completed in 13th November in the year of 1986. It was made by architect Fariborz Sahba. It is a huge construction with the model of lotus flower. It was devoted to worship of Bahai Faith. Its unique structure of blooming lotus flower attract lots of visitors from all around the world.

The Lotus Temple

4.Agra Fort: it is situated in Agra of Uttar Pradesh. It is acknowledged as the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also called Red Fort of Agra. The whole construction was made by red sandstone. This was constructed by Mughal emperor of India, Akbar in the year of 1565 to 1573. It was made when Akbar came Agra and made Agra the capital of his ruling region. It is also the sign of Indian rebellion in the year of 1857.

Agra Fort

5.Red Fort: It is situated in Old Delhi in India. Its other name is Lal Qila. It is also acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage site. It was made by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the year of 1573. The architect of these construction was Ustad Ahmad lahori. It was the main abode of Emperor Shah Jahan .It is significant for the shifting of the capital from Agra to Delhi. It is a ritual that in the Independence Day of India (15th August) Prime Minister will host the national flag in Red Fort.

Red Fort