How to get help in the programming forum

When we start our coding journey we used to get stuck at many places and e often want to get rid of it soon as possible but not many of us are blessed with some mentor who guides us through this journey but there comes to the programming forums like stack overflow or stack exchange where programmers help each other with there piece of code. And it is not only exclusive to beginners, even veterans get help from here and help in exchange!  But there are some manners or you can see unwritten rules between programmers on how to get help . Let us jump into it! :

Things to remember while getting help

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  1.  Whatever problem you have written it in a proper detailed manner. like specifying what problem/ error you are getting, what you are trying to do etc, and don’t forget to mention what you have already tried solving! because it saves both your and your helper’s time ! 
  2. Don’t ever forget to add some relevant screenshots/code of the problem! it helps you get helped fast! for codes use snippets! Or Pastebin!
  3. always gives more details whenever helpers ask for it! Sometimes what happens is we think this much information is enough to get help but it is oftentimes not true. and never think bad about it! helpers not trying to insult you or anything it’s always in a good means !There are some such cases when people get offended easily ! tip: don’t!
  4. So what happens quite some time that people get helped but they came across second follow up questions or they didn’t get something from the answer maybe like because of lack of knowledge/information. so they often think the helper may help them with this one too as they did before but remember one thing they are not obliged to answer your every question! and don’t worry someone else from somewhere helps you with that! so be little patience! helpers doesn’t get paid they doing this voluntary out of love/ passion for this they have, so be respectful towards them that they are trying to help you take out so valuable time from their life! with patience here comes our next point!
  5. so this point is very important, especially for beginners! because what most beginners do at these forums is they ask questions and see nobody replying to them in like a few minutes they leave it and go back to their other work. This is quite unprofessional behaviour. just let us suppose when you left the forum and someone came helping you and in between he wants a few more info regarding the question of what he is supposed to do wait for you > No! He is not obliged to do so by seeing such behaviour, the unresponsiveness many others helpers who may help in the case will not even try to help because they presume you may have solved it or don’t need help anymore. which is not true in your case !  that’s why it is advised to ask your question in your free time or when you can easily reply to their follow-up questions regarding your question! just have little patience young learners!
  6. last but not least! it is actually the first point, sort of saying! why? Because of most of the questions we come across, there are more chances that many others may also encounter it somewhere some time ago ! and get helped with it too! So the thread or the question related to most of the problem already exists in these forums or on any other website ! so our first step should be to simply “GOOGLE”, very important I repeat very importantly! as it will help others and yourself to save time and waste it on already resolved queries . The thing is many peeps don’t even put this much effort and interrupt the flow at these quality forums! And yes people are very concerned and strict about it so good luck!

so, you especially don’t worry if you have read and followed me all the way to this ! Now I suppose you know now what to do when you are stuck at some tricky code or silly one 🙂 best of luck 

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