Achieve Balance in Life Through Sahaja Yoga

Stress, Anxiety, Load, Pressure, Depression, Overthinking, etc have became the friends of human beings these days. All these things have became the daily routine of all of us. We are so much engaged in these that we have lost our pure joy, our inner self. Where is our inner peace gone? Also the another part of this is that different kinds of diseases that we have never heard about them are coming in front of us and some of us are suffering form them. We are running behind money, yes it’s our duty to earn for our living but we are striving for more and more money, but people having money are they really happy, Joyful ? Many of us have got everything in our life but still, we are not happy with it we want more, we are not satisfied. Where is this satisfaction gone ? Have we came on this earth to suffer all these things? Have we taken birth to run after money, Job, Business, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, etc ? or there is something else for which we have came here ?

How does this Stress, Anxiety,Depression, Overthinking, etc come in us ?

Usually a human being keeps thinking about his past or about his future. When he thinks about his past he keeps on torturing himself why this happened to me? Why did behaved like that? When he thinks about the future he keeps worrying about What will happen? Will I get that or not? all these things leads to imbalance and gives rise to all the stress, anxiety, depression, overthinking within us and it grows very seriously in us that it becomes impossible to get out of it and it becomes our behavior. But to get out all of these things is possible though Sahaja Yoga.

What is Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

In a smaller sense Sahaja yoga meditation is the technique of meditation but in the larger sense it is the way of living. Sahaja Yoga is a very simple technique of meditation which connects us to our inner being to the all pervading power that created us. This meditation is a cognitive science in which each and every thing can be proven. This meditation is scientifically proven. Sahaja yoga meditation technique is founded by H. H . Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 for the well being of the whole humanity.

“You cannot know the meaning of your life until you’re connected to the power that created you.”

-H. H. Shri Mataji

Founder of. SAHAJAYOGA. H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

How Sahaja yoga Meditation helps in balancing our lives?

The meditation itself starts with balancing. There are two sides of our subtle system that is left, right and centre. The Left side is all about our emotions or the ‘Ichha Shakti’, our past activities. While the right side is all about our work also called as ‘Kriya Shakti’ and our future. And the central path is all about our present, about the truth, it is the path of our evolution. It gives us the absolute peace. In the lower part of our the abdomen, in the triangular part of our secrum bone is the Kundalini, it is the power of pure desire within us. When it rises, it passes through our central channel and peerses out of the fontanel bone area at the top of our head and gets connected to the all pervading power in the whole universe. We feel the cool breeze at the top of our head and on our hands. This moments gives us complete thoughtless awareness state and absolute peace.

How to practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

You can try the steps given below right now, just have the pure desire of getting your self realization and try this practically.

You may seat on the floor, or on the chair but make sure that your legs are touched to the mother earth. Take out your specks, shoes and close your eyes while doing the below steps.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is open for all, for the person of any religion, cast, creed, etc. Because the energy is within every human being. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is Free Of Cost because, the value of raising the power within you cannot be returned in any amount of money.

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