Cable Selection Criteria to establish a network

1. Bandwidth:

Data carrying capacity of a channel or medium. Higher bandwidth communication channels support higher data rates.

2. Flexibility:

For Expanding network, the need for extra equipment or devices.

3. Reliability:

The consistency of transmission media.

4. Radiation:

It refers to the leakage of signal from the medium due to undesirable electrical characteristics of the medium.

5. Noise Absorption:

It refers to the susceptibility of the media to external electrical noise that can cause distortion of data signal.

6. Attenuation:

It refers to loss of energy as signal propagates outwards. The amount of energy lost depends on frequency.

7. Number of receivers:

The number of users to be connected.

8. Transmission Rate:

This refers to the speed or data transmission rate.

9. Cost and Ease of Installation

10. Distance between each device