India was not only a golden sparrow in the terms of treasure but it was also in the terms of art and literature। India has a very prosperous name in the fields of mathematics, astrology, science and many more. All the evidence is in the books written by various scholars of ancient time. This means that India has its roots very deep in the field of art and literature. 
Earlier, technology was not  advanced, there was no availability of televisions, phones and internet. Hence, people read books, newspapers, magazines etc.  From there the value of art and literature began to start. People were always fond of reading. Many used to wait for a week very eagerly for magazines like champak and others. The knowledge you get from literature is unforgettable. Poems and authors were liked and loved widely by the readers. 
The drive for freedom and independence was a result of people sharing poems and articles. Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh and many other freedom fighters motivated Indians to fight against Britishers with the help of articles and poems. There was an era when writings and writers had a great influence on society. There are many more examples which shows the importance of literature in Indian history. 
After independence, cinema and theatre began to develop in the country. Black and white television was introduced. Films were shot and played in theaters. Of course, there was a time when cinemas influenced the people greatly. People loved songs, movies and cinemas but the value of art and literature was at the same level. Movies of those time dealt with social problems, culture and status. However, movies were rarely seen. 
There was only one television in the village. And that too in the home of the richest man of the village. Reading book was quite cheaper than seeing cinemas. 
Times changed, era changed, situation changed and the field of interest changed. The internet became accessible very easily, people started spending more time on social media and other stuff. A time came when people became so fond of browsing the internet. They started using it in such a manner that it turned into a disadvantage to the entire society. The interest in art and literature vanished.  Authors and poets became lost. No identity, no attention was given to the authors, poets and their writings. 
People are getting attracted towards dance and music. No doubt! Dance and music are one of the most beautiful form of art which provides pleasure to the soul. Earlier too people were fond of music and dance, India is a land of unique diversity in various dance forms and various ragas of music. It's a beautiful thing to get attracted towards dance and music, but the sadness is that people are getting attracted towards bad music, item songs and dances which doesn't maintain the dignity of society.  Today every second song talks about women's body, insults women in one or the other way, and the reality is that people are loving it and encouraging such non social stuff. 
Today, people are ready to see a full movie of 3 hours, listen to a song of 5 minutes, and spend hours and hours on YouTube and various other social networking sites, but who is ready to read a few lines of a poet, an article of a writer? Of course no one.  No one has time to read or to understand the literature.  People are neither interested in reading early literature nor today's. 
Society, as well as the government, doesn't provide a good platform to authors, poets, speakers and litterateurs. For instance, there is a platform for upcoming poets and writers in school and colleges. What happens after college? After completing studies there is no platform for one who writes as a passion. On the social networking platform, people in their contacts are not at all interested in their writings. It is not even seen, especially by the young generation. A few in thousands are there who bother about it. 
For dancers, there is Dance India Dance. For singers,  there is Indian Idol. For various other artists such as painter, actor, mimicry etc, there is India Got Talent. What about poets, writers, speakers and debaters? Just kavi sammelans. None of them given an identity at national level except for a very few. 
No proper platform is given to these talented folks in India or anywhere in the world. Government too does not take any initiative. 
This will ruin the literature so badly, it's identity is going to be lost soon and the coming generation will have no idea about literature. 
Every talent is great, whether it is dance, music or writing. People should appreciate everything, and all artists must get equal platforms.

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