First online exam.

Switching from books to computers, notes in copy to PDF file, pencil/pens to keyboard keys, white board to power point presentation, question papers to online exams is a huge change.

When I attended my online examination, I was anxious, but after I attended the first exam, I felt like, I was more stress free, like we don’t have to worry for long question paper, all questions were conceptual. I have never been so stress free during an exam before. Best thing is that I can sit on my chair near study table in my comfort zone and give the exam.

However, it has some disadvantages too. In school, students are used to constant interaction with their friends but on an online platform, students tend to feel lonely and isolated. This social isolation for students can also cause a lack of communicational skill in them.

On the other hand, during assessments on online platforms, the prevention of cheating isn’t easy as there is no physical invigilator.

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