Science is a blessing to human beings. The role of science is very important in our everyday life. We cannot think of our life without science. The most important invention of science is Electricity. It is the most important thing to keep the wheel of progress running. The invention of electricity brings an incredible change in human civilization. Electricity helps us to run fa, air conditioners, trains, heavy machinery, industries, or other heavy wagons. Electric fans, lights, mobiles, Air conditioners have made our life more comfortable. All the scientific technologies rest on electricity have made our life ease.

Science is the base for preparing wonderful medicines which give us immediate relief. Science helped us to overcome many dangerous and deadly diseases. Many vaccinations and medicines have been discovered with the help of science to save humans from many diseases. Nowadays it is possible that we can transplant every part of the human body by the surgery.

Science and surgery can give us eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk. Medical science is doing unbelievable improvements. Blood transfusion and organ transplantation have now become possible with the help of science. Now diagnosing the problem becomes much easier with the help of the invention of X-Ray, Ultrasonography, ECG, MRI, Penicillin, etc.

Inventions of science have made our traveling fast and comfortable. We can reach safely at any part of the world within a few hours. We can easily travel by bicycles, buses, cars, trains, ships, airplanes, and other vehicles. Also, these are used to transport goods.

Science also developed a way of communication. In past days we have to wait for a long time to get one’s letter but today we can talk to our relatives even if they are too far away from us. Not only talk to them but also we can even see them on our mobile phones. The invention of mobiles and the internet has reduced the distance between people.

Many innovations and discoveries of science help farmers grow a good quality crop. The Harvesting machines, Tractors, Manures, and good quality seeds are the gift of science to a farmer. In dairy and manufacturing business, types of machinery are helping to grow their business.

The first invention of science for entertainment was Radio. In the old days, the radio is used to listen to songs and news. But now science has changed everything with its new and wonderful innovations in the field of entertainment. Now, we can watch TV programs videos on mobiles, T.V and also on computers. These are now one of the most basic needs of humans.

Science also developed our education and trade sector. The invention of printing, typing, binding, etc. has boosted our education system. Similarly, the invention of the needle, scissors, and the sewing machine to the heavy industrial machinery has done huge progress in the industrial field. In one word we can’t live a minute without science.

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