Health Benefits of Carrot


 Its scientific name is Daucus carota. It is a root type of vegetable. It is crunchy, sweet in taste. It is highly nutritious and very healthy for our body. It is a widely known vegetable. It comes with many colors like white, Orange, yellow, red and purple. Let’s take a look at the nutrition value of carrot ––

Various Colorful Carrots

Nutrition value: If we take an average quantity of raw carrot, we get the following nutrition –

  1. 0.6 gram protein per 100 gram raw carrot.
  2.  0.2 gram protein per 100 gram raw carrot.
  3. 6.8 gram of carbohydrate per 100 gram raw carrot.
  4.  6.6 gram sugar per 100 gram raw carrot.
  5. 2.8 gram dietary fiber per 100 gram raw carrot.
  6.  8.72 microgram vitamin A per100 gram raw carrot.
  7.  174 mg potassium per 100 gram raw carrot.
  8.  0.12 mg Vitamin B6 per 100 gram raw carrot.
  9.  21 mg of folate per 100 gram raw carrot. Carrot is a very good source of Beta carotene, vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folate, fiber , lycopene and Alpha carotene. It contains  88% water in its body and so many antioxidants. Carrot also gives 156/37 kilo joule energy per calories per 100 gram raw carrot. Carrot is one of the big source of dietary fibers , Vitamin A ,starch .                                                                                                                                                                          
Carrot Juice

How to Eat A Carrot :                                                                                                            Carrot is a mostly used as a salad ingredient. It can be eaten raw or cooked but raw carrots are most nutritious one. Carrot juice are the most effective among them. Carrot leaves have so much Vitamin C then carrot root. Carrot leaves are also used as garnishing ingredient of salads, soup and other dishes. It is used as herb.

Health benefits:

  1. Beta carotene and Alpha carotene have the power to prevent various cancer like breast cancer, colon cancer , stomach cancer. So, the risk of Cancer is reduced by carrot .
  2. Carrot helps to reduce bad cholesterol in blood and prevent heart disease.
  3. It also helps to maintain blood sugar level in blood .So carrot is very good for diabetic patients.
  4. The vitamin A and fiber helps to deposit excessive fat in our liver and nourishers liver.
  5. The antioxidants ,Vitamin A and beta-carotene of carrots make human skin glow and youthful. It also fight against sin damage of skin ,aging effect ,wrinkles ,dry skin problems etc.
  6. Carrot helps to increase immunity power of body & prevents the common dieses like common cold to attack our body .
  7. Carrot contain very low amount of calories so carrot helps to lose our weight & used as aided vegetable .
  8. Vitamin and beta-carotene are good for our eyes and prevent blindness.
  9. Vitamin K ,which is able to find in carrot strengthen the bone strength of our body and heals the broken bones crack in faster speed.
  10. Carrot contains big amount of Vitamin A .Vitamin A is very good for our oral system .It helps to clean our gum & teeth .The minerals in carrots prevents the tooth damage & cavities for its anti bacterial property .