PCOD Diet – Introduction

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common condition women experience today. It abuses women of childbearing age. Although the situation is quite common but similar findings are often overlooked. Most women do not even know that they suffer from PCOS until late in the evening. The passage of time, in this case, does not refer to anything fatal, but PCOD tends to affect the reproductive system and metabolic health of the body significantly. Now, why is this happening? Our reproductive system and many other bodily functions can be altered by minor changes in hormone levels. It’s amazing, isn’t it? But it is true.

One of the first problems that come with PCOD is the side effects of excessive male hormones and high insulin production in a woman’s body. And this change will allow your body to show you symptoms such as menopause, rapid obesity, acne, and excessive hair growth in unwanted areas and more. The first step in this regard is to know that you suffer from PCOS and the next to understand what changes your body is experiencing due to hormonal imbalances. And then you can finally take a step towards minor changes that will help you fight this situation. As you know any curable disease can be cared for once the diagnosis has been completed and treatment is given in a timely manner.

Let’s start by combining the symptoms:

Although PCOS is more common these days, the symptoms are not the same for two people who suffer from the same symptoms. So when this often goes unnoticed. But as they say that prevention is better than cure, so below are some of the most common symptoms associated with PCOD, if you may have one or two of them, then it might be best to seek professional help.

  1. Unusual or missing time: This is one of the most common symptoms associated with PCOS. In some cases, PCOS even presents problems with timing of blood transfusions, vision, etc.
  2. Infertility: Infertility is due to premature and problematic ovulation shown in your irregular menstrual cycle.
  3. Excessive hair growth on the face and body: This is due to the excessive production of male hormones in a woman.
  4. Hair loss or baldness.
  5. Acne: Not the general acne, we women deal with it. But if you have problems with excessive and uncontrollable acne, then you may want to dig deeper into the problem.
  6. Obesity: This is one of the biggest problems with PCOD. You tend to gain weight even after you put yourself on a diet. And that is when the situation becomes difficult to deal with. Women with PCOD, on the other hand, tend to gain weight more easily and on the other hand, treatment requires them to lose weight.
  7. Insulin resistance: This causes high levels of insulin in your body. Cells in the body fail to use the produced insulin thus sending a signal to the body to increase the amount of fluid, and that leads to elevated levels of insulin in your body.
  8. Anxiety: Yes, anxiety is real but you have to ask yourself how it relates to PCOD. Anxiety leads to depression, and this affects your hormone secretion, thereby disrupting hormone levels.

As they say it is not easy to be a woman. How can one expect to live a stress-free life in a world where everyone is busy climbing the ladder of success? There is no time to relax. Understandably, but all you need to do is set a balance. PCOD does not really have a cure other than hormonal pills that faithfully affect your health and can also cause weight gain, which you obviously need to avoid. Now what can you do? For a solution to this problem read on.

How can you deal with PCOD in a natural way?

Yes, even if you have a lot of artificial options, you can actually choose natural and health options like good nutrition and basic exercise. On top of these two live a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to PCOD forever. It may not be as easy as taking pills, but it will be healthier, more effective and a longer lasting solution.

As you have already seen that weight gain for PCOD is a problem for such women so let’s talk about diet and what is wrong.

PCOD Food:

PCOD Diet chart is very important in PCOD control game. But how do you know if you’re overweight and you need to lose some weight? It’s really easy. If your BMPCOS diet chart is over 25 years old congratulations you need to lose weight and join a tough journey to do just that. Once you know this, it is easy to know how much you will have to spend. Remember that even a small change in your weight will help you to cope. Next, you need to know that you cannot skip meals. Skipping food increases your blood sugar level which will affect your insulin levels, so have a regular diet. Combine that with 30 minutes of exercise every day, and say ‘no’ to smoking. That’s all. It’s simple and easy, not really but one can always try.

  1. Nutritious food: You can make oats and fruit your new bae. Because your body needs nutrients and not a crazy diet chart for one meal a day. The goal is not just to lose weight and look thinner; the goal is to give your body what it needs. You need to pack it as an anti-inflammatory food you can in our diet. So your shopping list should include raw vegetables, blueberries, and pineapples. High in protein such as fish, eggs, chicken breast, avocado, and good fats. But remember the key is part. You need to control your food portions.
  2. Adieu’s fast food: Yes, it’s sad but because it’s so good. Sprinkle your pasta dishes with green salad bowls Replace white rice instead of brown. Avoid processed foods. Fruits are your new BFF like grapefruit, lime, lemon and berries.
  3. Low and regular diets: This will help you control your blood sugar levels. Choose a smoothie for your breakfast, have a sandwich at noon, for lunch you can have something low. The goal is to be balanced. Seek help on youtube to make those boring salad dishes look yummy.
  4. Not all fats are bad: Your body needs good fats. These good fats will enable your body to absorb vitamins such as A, D, E, K. What are the best fats? Foods such as avocado, salmon, mackerel and fish should be part of your diet.
  5. Have a cheat date: Food for PCOD needs is not easy, especially if you are violent, it will be your worst nightmare. So have a cheat day, don’t overdo it but have fry whatever you want in small portions. This is because we do not want you to be sad and depressed about food, the last thing we want. Because PCOD diet and lifestyle go hand in hand.how to exercise with PCOD

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