Things to do in your 20s

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This is the time when you start becoming more independent and truly begin the journey of self- discovery. A time for many big decisions and experiences and certainly is one of the most important phases of your life. Here are few things that one must learn to make the most of this period in life


Financial education is one of the most important subjects but yet ignored by many young adults. The sooner you start saving, investing and managing, the sooner you will learn and see the results. Since you are young, you don’t really have much to lose, this will help you practice without lasting consequences and will give you a leg up in regards to your peers and provides you with experience. So start planning for the future.


Do not fear making mistakes, take the risk, take the chance. Our mistakes are what helps us grow and learn. So, for your 20s, embrace the idea that you will make mistakes and lots of them! But always learn the lesson that it has taught you, or else it would be an effort in vain. These lessons must be the push on your journey towards a better self.


In 20s, health is at its peak, so this creates an illusion for many young adults that they can eat junk and drink anything for pleasure, but these choices have severe long-term consequences on body. So, this time of your life is a good opportunity to establish life-long healthy habits.

Consider your diet, learn to cook, and find a way of exercising that works best for you. Starting early on to build a healthy foundation is likely to improve your well-being significantly and will be one of the best investments for future.


Even if you are short on your budget, travel your city and neighboring towns, because traveling can add value to your life. When you travel, you learn how to adapt to new situations, it takes you out of our comfort zone and allows you to test yourself. You learn to live with people, often without a common cultural ground or language. It gives a new perspective about life and boosts confidence.