A Social Reformer : Bhaurao Patil

Bhaurao Patil we born at Kumbhaj, a village on the banks of the river Warna on 22 nd september, 1887. Though agriculture was the main occupation of his family, Bhaurao’s father, Paigonda Devgonda Patil, preferred to work as a clerk in the Renenue Department of the Government of Bombay.

Bhaurao patil came to Kolhapur after the latter completed his primary education. He was admitted in a Jain students hostel run by the orthodox Jain Community. It was during his stay at Kolhapur that Bhaurao came under the influence of the Satya Shodhak Samaj. In his own district, the heroes of the underground resistance movement of 1942-45 received considerable help form Bhaurao Patil. He urged that every village should have a school and every village school should have a trained teacher. For several years he concentrated more on the opening of teacher training colleges and primary schools rather than secondary schools. He wanted his students to be self-reliant, and they were expected to learn while they earned their bread.

Bhaurao lived long enough to see his Rayat Shikshan Sanstha grow like a banyan tree. He was widely acclaimed as a great educator of the masses. A few days before his death on 9th may 1959, in the University of Poona conferred on him an honorary degree of Doctor of letters. This was surely one of the glorious moment in his ardous life when he felt happy over the public recognition and appreciation of the noble cause which he upheld against all odds. Today Bhaurao Patil was not in our but he always remember to all peoples through his work.