Specially for students of age 4 to 9 years

Everything has a positive and negative side. Similarly, online classes has both positive and negative sides. On one hand, the e-education and online classes have emerged as a solution for the educational crisis in current pandemic and thanks to these technological advancements which helped the students to continue their education. But on the other hand, online learning has numerous negative consequences also. In this article. we will try to identify and understand some these negative consequences and effects of online learning.

Due to pandemic, everybody lost many things, everyone’s life and lifestyle have changed and society has been altered but the there’s a huge impact of this pandemic is on the children’s of age group 4 to 9. These children’s should be learning new thing now, exploring and playing and making friends but all these things are nearly impossible for them in current situation. The pandemic forced the kids to moveout from the learning zone with which they were acquainted, like a classroom and are setup in the completely opposite scenario, where the students have missed many essential part of their education. The sudden transition of education from classroom studies to online learning will also have a huge impact on them. However, the new generation is very internet savvy but the e learning has certain limitations. Online learning comes with many challenges that has many impact on the students.

The main issue here is the lack of consistency… Children are more attentive and curious to learn things when they were in class but in this online learning scenario, the consistency of these children to be focused on studies and concentrated decreases. A students interest to answer the questions and clear doubts is more in classes but this is reduced in online learning. The willingness of a student to get his or her doubts cleared and participate in the class decreases due to the lack of one to one reaction with the teachers.

Reduced Concentration and Self Discipline… The major limitations that the students are currently facing in the online learning is reduced concentration in the class and self discipline. A school classroom provides the complete atmosphere which boosts the interest and concentration of students to learn. And such environment and structure which is effective for learning is not present at home. This classroom atmosphere give the best environment to student where they can learn, complete their assignment. Homes lack such things and as a result of which students struggle to finish their homework’s and assignments, lack of motivation and lower goals for themselves. This also discourages the students to do better in academics and explore new things.

Reduced Interaction with Peers… In addition to lack of motivation to study, the very important part of a child’s school life is also missed. This is their interaction with friends. Schools provide a neutral environment for students where they can study as well as enjoy. There is scope of social interactions which aids in developing many new skills such as understanding people of different personalities, setting boundaries, learning cooperation and empathy etc. These skills are very important for the students as it helps them in socializing with others. But such facilities cannot be provided in the homes due to the current pandemics. Because of this the students get isolated and a sense of isolation can emerge in them.

Health Hazards of Online Teaching… Online learning required continuous focus of screens which has many physical health and mental health hazards. The increase in screen time is one the major concerns and disadvantages of online learning. Some students may also develop bad posture and physicals problems. It has serious impacts on the eye sight of the students also.