Advantages of E-books

Ebooks are an affordable option for many avid readers. Ebooks are the travel-friendly, comfortable, cheapest option and you can read them anytime anywhere. But, there is a misconception about ebooks, some readers Don’t consider Ebooks as books. Indeed it’s not real books. We can’t feel ebooks as the real ones. It’s merely a device with copies. but, there is a lot of advantages in ebooks if we think of an optimistic person.


It’s highly affordable, there are a lot of books which can be bought as PDF, MOBI files, DOCX and many formats if we want. And kindle is one of the best options on my list. Once you get your hands on kindle it’s not easy to leave it aside. Because kindle is specially made for ebook readers and who feels that you can’t read real books due to some eye problems. You can give it a try to the kindle app and device. Kindle app is free of cost, but you have to purchase the books on some times on amazon, free copies will be available for some limited books you can download if you like to… and mostly classics might be available there. So, if you never read in kindle. This might be a perfect time to try it. Kindle device is not free still it’s affordable. Otherwise, you can use PDF readers or kindle apps also.


There is a lot of customized features when it comes to ebooks. While we are reading real books like paperbacks we can’t change anything we have to read it as it has in the paper. But, when it comes to ebooks. We can change fonts, sizes, Dark mode, light mode, colors of the fonts, colors of the background, alignments, we can look at word counts, we can track our reading speed and we can even take notes without any worries. That the book would be damaged. If it is a real book some people don’t even use pencils. but In e-books, we can change even the highlighter’s colors. And these features are grateful for the readers.


We can’t read paperbacks at night times. It will damage our eyes. Even mobiles will damage our eyes. But, the kindle is specially made to reduce the effects of UV rays from screening lights. Thus, it is easy to use at night. And especially you need a light source to read paperbacks. But, you can read e-books even though the theme of the screen is in dark mode. So, you can read whenever you want without any necessary sources. All you need is a device with full battery charged and a required wifi connection proceed to download.


E-books are highly Travel-friendly devices. You can read anytime anywhere without real books. If we carry real books we need bags and other belongings. But when it comes to reading e-books, we can read them even on buses or banks. We carry our mobile all the time, wherever we go, thus, e-books can save our time While wasting our time somewhere else wasting like standing in a queue.

However, we can’t say Ebooks are better than paperbacks. E-books also have their disadvantages. but, the positive aspects are worth following upon.