Arrest of Raj Kundra

On Monday this week, buisnessman and a famous actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband was arrested for allegedly being connected to an adult film racket.

The matter came to light after Kundra was found in connection with Kamak (Umesk) . Usmek was a part of UK production house, who uploaded such contents. Police said that it was connection to Kamak and the company that uploaded such pornographic contents that landed Kundra in trouble.

Raj Kundra had applied for anticipatory bail just last month in connection with pornography itself. The cyber police had registered an FIR against various platforms which were showcasing such pornographic contents. The court is likely to decide on the anticipatory bail application next week.

On February 4 this year, the Mumbai police said they had arrested five people for putting women into porn world with treachery. They would promise these aspiring actresses for roles in web series. These women came to Mumbai from different places of country and were lured by the false offers. On the day of shoot, however, the scripts they would get were changed. They were threatened to expose themselves or else were asked to foot bill for the shooting preparations.

Once the movies were shot, the accused uploaded them in mobile apps. The apps would earn profits of lakhs and lakhs. But since porn is illegal in India, these contents were also illegal.

The arrest, according to police ere based on two aspects. One, nabbing of those who produced the clips and the second being the people behind uploading them. Some of these production house would also broadcast from servers outside the country. Raj Kundra was also found in connection with the similar production house ased in United Kingdom.

Raj Kundra is currently in police custody while the Mumbai Crime Branch has recovered several videos, emails, chats connected to the case. he is remanded in custody till 23 July.

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