Challenges Faced by the LGBT Community in US

Since the time of Stonewall Uprising in 1969, the fight for gay rights in the popular United States started when the gay partners fought back against the police when he tried to arrest them in New York. That night was the first struggle and the begging against the gay movement. In 2015 the Supreme Court decided to legalize gay marriage countrywide. But the struggle is continuing till date. The LGBT Americans are usually discriminated by the society when it comes to the house job, child rising and even in the prison. The clash for getting equality is till date find by the people of LGBT Community. Lots of people are treated inhumanly just because of their preference. The problems they are still facing are in US are:

  1. Violence- In 2015, it was found that maximum crimes are committed because of sexual problems and others were committed due to gender discrimination.
  2. Child raising- In only few states parenting of the gay couples are permitted. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Vermont are the states that approve parenting by the gay partner. On the other hand five states denied the parenting of same sex partners.
  3. Gay Conversion Therapy- Majority of states allows kids to go to “gay conversion therapy”. It is a harmful practice that American Psychological Association has convicted. But we also have eight states that refuse this practice for the people of the minor age group.
  4. Work Discrimination- Gays and transgender are fired in most states when there true identity is out publicly. This projects the thought process of people that in today’s generation we have developed so much and people have successful enhanced their skills as well as knowledge but the reality is quite upsetting that in this contemporary world where we talk of equality and modernism, people are losing their jobs if they are found as gay or transgender. And this is the reason these people believe in hiding their true identity in order to save their earning.
Other than this they also faced problems like:
  1. Housing Discrimination – LGBT people are often neglected in our society either it comes to their earning or staying a normal decent life. The people of this community are often humiliated and mistreated by the society. This is the bitter reality of America that the gay and transgender people faced. In a report of 2013 it was found that people with same sex experience disapproving behavior when it comes to housing. In 28 states housing inequality is legal.
  2. Unequal Healthcare – This is a common problem faced by people of this community. LGBT people have health issue due to mental health issues as well as abuse they faced by the society. Sometimes transgender face discrimination from health insurance too. It was found that in 37 states the one who are transgender are discriminated when there true identity is revealed.
  3. Criminal Justice – The area where they are discriminated the most is prison and usually faced abuse by the prisoners.
  4. Acceptance – There are some major issues that cannot be resolved and when it comes to transgender equality this problem is quite major. The LGBT Americans face discrimination at a large amount they are not acceptable by the society. 40% Americans of the LGBT Community faced extreme stress as they are rejected by the society.

Apart from this there are lots of problems faced by the people of LGBT Community although it is legalized in many places by they are still seen with humiliated eyes and are usually discriminated. America has developed a lot when it comes to the people of this community but the struggle is continued and faced by them. So, lets us end this discrimination system and expect their true identity happily.

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