Must Read Books:

I am beginner in reading books, and since I have not read thousand I can give you some recommendations from my prospective and from my reading style which is very really simple.

For begginers i would suggest read books that generate your interest in reading and you can read it without getting bore.


  • Don’t judge any book by it’s cover, believe me guys I was same, just to buy books which look really attractive and caught my eye but that’s not really worth it, as you are judging a book by it’s cover but not by story, so please don’t do it
  • Find your interest, find what’s the one thing you are really interested in reading, it can be a romantic story, fictional books, non fictional , crime thriller etc.
  • Select book by reading about it’s multiple reviews, so that you dont regretit later.
  • For people, whop think investing in buying paperbacks books is costly, just go for Audiobooks, Audiobooks are easily available option for it and you dont have to carry it anywhere.

Some Recommended books –

  1. World’s Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Datta (the language of book is really simple and storyline is interesting).
  2. A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta (this is latest books by him which is totally different from all stories written by Durjoy, I think you should give it a try).
  3. We were lairs by E.Lockhart (story of cousin’s and their bonding’s, believe me it’s one such a read).
  4. Fault in our stars by John Green(most loved story of all time).
  5. Books by Robin Sharma are also very good.