Effects of Global Warming

Case study : Effect of global warming on the Sundarban National Park, West Bengal.

  • Description of the problem.
  • Cause of the problem.
  • Analysis of the problem.
  • Control of the problem.
  • Introduction to the problem:
    The Sundarbans provide important protection against storms and flooding for cities including
    Kolkata, India, on the Bay of Bengal. But increasing global warming accelerates the sea-level
    which adversely affects the Sunderbans. This would eliminate the protection they provide
    against the region’s from the intense tropical storms.
  • Scientists project that under a high emissions scenario, relative sea-level rise is likely to
    inundate most of the Sundarbans by mid-century, and could wipe them out by the end of
    the century.
  • Mangroves of the Sundarbans prevents the damage caused by the cyclones and storms.
  • Cause of the problem:Global warming is one of the main reasons for the increased sea-level which adversely affects
  • the mangrove forests. Due to which reserved space is no longer a safe refuge for mangrove
    forests and their associated species. And other national parks also face damage due to climate
    change in the form of an increase in invasives, loss of vulnerable species, and changes in species composition. In a few cases, the biome as a whole faces extinction. Climate changes has already begun to have negative impacts on ecosystems and their families.

Analysis of the problem:

•Global Temperature Report for 2019 by Berkeley Earth:
This is the report by the Berkeley Earth (a California non-profit organization) which clearly
shows the continuous increase in temperature of earth in the past years.

•Ecosystem is a cycle which can only be run with balance. Any change in the climate causes
imbalance of the ecosystem which causes different natural disasters and global warming is one
of the biggest problems which we are facing nowadays.

Control of the problem:
The only solution to control any of the problems is to keep balance in all the things. The main
cause of the bad effects on the Sundarbans is global warming or we say continuous rise in the
temperature of the earth which causes rise in the sea-level, cyclones, flooding, storms etc..,
which adversely affects the reserved part of mangrove forests and other national parks.

Ways to prevent global warming:-

● Reduce⬇ Reuse⤴ Recycle🔄

● Power your home with renewable energy.

● Reduce excess use of water.
There is a solution for every problem. We just need to focus on the problem and prevent rise of