How Technology Has Changed the Lives of Students

Technology is something every kid of today’s generation will be well familiar with. It has been growing at an immense rate and has been impacting every section of the world from quite a few years now. Technology has garnered high attention especially in the recent pandemic times as it has served as an indispensable tool for students amidst their ‘online classes’. However, we cannot restrict ourselves to only one aspect of technology, for technology has been bridging the learning gap from a long time by enabling students the access to a virtual world of resources at almost no cost.

A foremost benefit of technology has been the vast availability of resources for students and teachers. These resources can be in terms of education matters or to discover new ideas. Teachers now are also able to communicate with their students in a convenient way as well as have the freedom to employ new innovative teaching methods in their studies. Free access to e-books, e-magazines and other reading materials has made it a lot easier for students to acquire materials without having to search through libraries or spend a lot of money in bookstores. This divergent range in materials has also enabled them to research their subject of interest from different points of views and gain as much as knowledge available from verified sources.

The second pro point of technology is its feature to obtain a degree through online education. It does not matter whether you are young, old or just passionate about learning a new skill. It is now possible for any individual to gain a degree without the need to attend a university physically. Technology extension has provided such efficient modes that one can now enrol in prestigious universities located abroad without requiring the need for a passport or visa. Technology has also made it possible for people to sign up for a course offered by any valid institution and complete it within the time limit they wish. Giving them advantages like flexible study routines along with the comfort of their rooms.The third way through which technology has changed the lives of students is by giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and their own understanding level. Science has proved before that every individual learns and acquires knowledge differently. Some people are visual learners, some auditory, some verbal, some kinaesthetic etc etc. Here, technology gives a chance and means for every type of learner to learn at the best of their ability. For example, the availability of videos, audio books or audio contents, exercises etc accessible through the forum of technology gives every kind of learner a chance to shine compared to the usually dull and closed environment of physical classrooms. In addition to all this the advancement in technology has now enabled digital simulations and models thereby, enhancing the perceiving powers of students.

The fourth advantage of technology is the easy availability of any news or notices related to their subject or university. The official website of a university serves as a major way for students to procure information with ease, which can be further related to their classmates, friends or teachers through any social media apps of their choice. Not only does it provide an instant way to obtain the latest news but also helps to keep the students up-to-date along with their ongoing course subjects.Lastly, in the present times of pandemic, technology has proved to be a big boon in accessing online learning methodology. It has made assessing students efficient as well as helped vastly in maintaining records of student activities through a variety of online applications. Furthermore, teachers can upload their teaching materials and class recording on apps like Google Classroom and make it possible for students to revisit the teachings for revision sake or in case they end up missing any of their online lectures.

To conclude, technology has come a long way and has successfully impacted the lives of students. It has made students’ lives easier and more efficient by providing them various benefits like e-printed books, ease of access to education, faster communication with teachers and friends and overall comfort of homely environment.

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