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Significance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity in simple words is the biological diversity or the variety of life forms that can be found on earth as well as to the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live. Biodiversity provides us with various benefits directly or indirectly, it plays numerous functions which […]

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Pollution is the containment of material particles or energy into the natural environment, causing adverse effects on the ecosystem. Types of pollution (1) Air Pollution: It occurs when any harmful gas, dust smoke enters the atmosphere and makes it difficult to survive living organisms like plants, animals, and human beings […]

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Effects of Global Warming

Case study : Effect of global warming on the Sundarban National Park, West Bengal.Methodology: Description of the problem. Cause of the problem. Analysis of the problem. Control of the problem. ➡Introduction to the problem:The Sundarbans provide important protection against storms and flooding for cities includingKolkata, India, on the Bay of […]

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