Human body is one of the most fascinating and complex living systems on the earth. Let us get more familiar features and facts about human body.

  1. Adults lungs are of 70 sq. meters in terms of surface area.
  2. Your left lung and right lung are not of same size. Your left lung is little, smaller in size when compared to right lung, which allows room for you heart.
  3. 11,000 litters of air is what an average person breath daily.
  4. The growth of our ears and nose is continues throughout our life.
  5. Human’s sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive when compared to the sense of taste.
  6. Over a quarter of oxygen is use by a brain of a human body.
  7. A average weight of a human brain is about 3 pounds i.e. 1.5 kg. Even after this it contributes 2% of body’s weight.
  8. If you smooth all your wrinkles and set it into your brain, it will lay straight as a size of pillow cover.
  9. Our hearts beat around 1,00,000 a time in a day, 365,00,000 times in whole year and billion times if you live more than 30 years.
  10. During listing to music, your heart will automatically sync with the rhythm.
  11. Heartbeat of about 75 times on average in a minute is a sign of a healthy human body.
  12. A human heart can pump the enough of blood in a year which can fill an Olympic size pool.
  13. A human body vessel, when laid by connecting to each other then it can surround the earth 4 times.
  14. The largest organ in a human body is skin.
  15. Skin of human sheds around 6,00,000 particles every day, which means it is the largest dust particle you clean from your house daily.
  16. Your eyelashes fall off after every 150 days.
  17. Like every unique fingerprint we human also have unique tongue print.
  18. We are the only living animal with chin.
  19. The amount of iron that a human body contains is enough to make your nails 2.5 cm (1 inch) long.
  20. Your hands get 50% of the strength from its little finger.
  21. A human body carries in and around 4 pounds of bacteria in them.
  22. In terms of vision a human eye has 576 of mega pixel.
  23. Our brain produces enough energy that it can light a bulb.
  24. A human cannot swallow while he is breathing.
  25. The cornea is the only part with no blood vessels, it take oxygen directly from the air.
  26. We human produces ample of saliva during our life which can fill two swimming pools easily.
  27. 23 feet long is the size of our small intestine.
  28. Seven bars of soaps can be made from the fat that contains in a human body.
  29. A human skin weight about 4-5 kg.
  30. Human brain has 2 sides, right and left. Left side of  the brain controls the right side of the brain and right side of the brain controls the lefts side of the brain.

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