The Cuban Struggle Of 2021


In the past few months, the world has been made aware of the atrocities the Cuban people have endured for 62 years at the hands of their government. The content being shared is far from comfortable to view and it has been emotionally and mentally exhausting having to speak out so that the families on the island can have a chance at freedom.

I have the privilege of being able to post freely and criticize both the US and Cuban government without fear of prosecution, the people of Cuba don’t. Myself, and other Cubans as well, have been spreading imagery and stories of what is occurring to amplify their voices on a larger scale to garner international support. They don’t have a way of knowing we’re doing this because internet blackouts keep occurring, but it’s crucial to stand in solidarity with them because it’s been too long and we ask other non-Cuban friends for help.

I’ve found myself having to prove a country’s history and struggle to people who don’t have the full picture of what is going on. Having allies in this moment is crucial, the Cuban people have been screaming for years but now people are finally listening.


  1. Spread awareness- share photos, videos, and content about what’s going on social media.
  2. Lend your voice to the fight.
  3. Learn about the situation.
  4. Have conversations with Cubans to provide them emotional support.
  5. Find out and support the team on StudentsforafreeCuba.

Don’t let the movement die down, don’t let them keep suffering at the hands of an oppressive dictatorship.

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