It’s so frustrating when people accuse us of being anti-Palestinians or they call us fascists, etc. after a post or comment we make in defense of the very misinformed & biased posts painting Israel like the devil while completely leaving out Palestinian militant’s & Hamas’ role in the conflict.

First of all, read a book or 2. Also, research the topic using unbiased sources as much as possible, or at least, differing perspectives.

Secondly, do you realize how sad it is that you associate hating Palestinians with supporting Jewish people’s right to also live peacefully in the land they ARE indigenous to? The two are not mutually exclusive; I support Palestinians freedom(FROM HAMAS) AND Israelis right to live in their land peacefully. That does not mean I agree or condone everything either group’s authorities do, but I don’t have to support everything government officials do in order to support their people and when you look at human rights violations as well as the other ways Palestinians are being oppressed you need to point your fingers at their very own ‘government’. Hamas causes way more damage to Palestinians than Israel does, not to mention, Israel’s actions are in defense of attacks from an organization that wants them all dead. I think that’s a good reason to fight back, don’t you?


To support Israel as Jewish people’s home, as its been from the beginning, & after being kicked out of every other country/land they tried to peacefully settle in plus loosing over 6 million of their ancestors in the Holocaust, seems very reasonable.

It doesn’t mean I don’t also believe Palestinians deserve to live peaceful lives free from oppression.

When did our fellow leftist liberals become so close minded & have you all always gotten your news from social media? Did no one explain that although social media is a good & entertaining place to start, it’s biased (yes, me too, although I at least attempt to be open & fair minded).

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