Google Digital Unlocked -Explained

According to Wikipedia, Digital Unlocked is an initiative by Google in collaboration with the Indian School of Business and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to promote digital awareness and to help small-scale businesses and startups to go digital in India.

In this blog, We’ll try to build a good insight of Google Digital Unlocked and also about its Certification, which you might be planning to appear for.

What is Google Digital Unlocked?

Google has established a platform to assist Startups, business owners, students, and anybody who is willing to understand the process of conducting business online and the online marketing and growth strategies.
It is in cooperation with the Indian School of Business as well as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It is designed to aid small and medium businesses by teaching them the necessary digital knowledge which can be utilized to set up an online presence for companies.

What Courses are provided in Google Digital Unlocked?

It offers a spectrum of courses to choose from. There are 136  Google digital unlocked courses available, as of now. These courses can be grouped together in three categories which are as follows :-

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data and Technology
  • Career Development

Is Google Digital Unlocked Couse and its Certification Free?

Yes, the courses are offered free of cost and so are the certifications, if included.

The only condition applied is that you must finish all the lessons of a particular course in order to unlock the examination which is an evaluation for certificate eligibility. 

To get certified in a particular course, a candidate should obtain a score of 80 percent or more. There are 3 attempts provided, so make sure you make up in these attempts.

Why Google Digital Unlocked?

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The key reason to go for Google Digital Unlocked is the brand value that Google has.

The certification provided will be of utmost value and will boost the individual’s CV.
Moreover, the majority of the courses are free, and are approved by industry experts, top entrepreneurs and some of the world’s leading employers.
So you can be sure that you’re learning an up-to-date, real-world skill that will help you reach your goal.

Key Features of Google Digital unlocked

  • Variety of Courses
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Flexible and personalized training
  • Learn at the comfort of your home
  • Anytime access
  • Get certified

Start Learning

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Basics of Code, Digital Wellbeing, Effective Networking, Business Communication and many more.