How Contemporary Father’s are postively parenting their daughters!

According to Barnett and Kibґiа, positive parent-child relationships heighten many different aspects of psychological well-being while these negative relationships produce psychological distress. Our society mainly concerns mother and child relationships and understanding the impact of the father and daughter relationship on society is almost negligible.

Daughters who have or are being raised under disruptive relations with their fathers are generally plagued with a host of problems throughout their lives and too often problems harming their psychological health, their children as well as other interpersonal relations.

In the age period of adolescence or as young adult women, these girls are more likely to develop psychological and emotional problems and they are more likely to become depressed than the daughters who maintain close relationships with their fathers (Amatο&Dοrius, 2010; Cаrlsοn, 2006; King &Sobοleski, 2006; Stеwart, 2003).

Father – An Underestimated parent

Fathering, since the era of kings and kingdoms were considered a prominent part of the patriarchal society where the sons/daughters were brought up by the fathers whereas the mother was the second parent for their children. The king was the one who taught their sons and daughters about archery and self-defense.  “Man is the creator of the universe”, as rightly pointed in Hinduism and other religion, as Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe and he is the man behind the lives of many living bodies. Man is considered as the priority for giving a contribution to a new soul, without a man a woman cannot contribute to a new life.

Therefore, a father is always a major part of the upbringing of the children.

Father and their Daughter’s :

The reflection of the father affects a daughter’s psyche as her first impression of the opposite gender depends upon firstly looking to her father as her other romantic relationship affects the way she has a positive relationship with her father. The stronger bond she has with her father, the more vigorous and strong understanding she will have for her romantic partner.

Good Parenting is very crucial to build a child with optimistic behavior and psyche. The mindset of any child depends majorly on the place he/she has grown up. The environment impacts a lot in a child’s initial stage of development.

Due to certain cultural and societal norms, we can examine that nurturing of children are often imposed on the mother as a mother is rightly a source of invention, a mother gives life to a soul, so her existence often becomes prominent as she is biologically more connected to a child before he/she is born. Often in this scenario, fathers are distant from their children due to certain norms set by the society that a father is a breadwinner, protector, head of the family, and a medium of finance in the family. So, the Mother becomes a center point of upbringing children,

 As we scrutinize any culture and society, a mother is often subjected if her child is not appropriate in his/her behavior in the further stages of life as the mindset of parenting is towards a mother, not a father!

But as we look in the contemporary society and family structure, we see that fathers are taking a lead role in parenting and this brings a major topic which is called “Fathering”.

Profoundly, fathers are becoming good fathers by having excellent fatherhood qualities that raise their children with a better persona.

Reasons why fathers have taken a lead and gave a contribution to parenting? Well, certain reasons which are so-called “contemporary issues or modern issues” like; divorce of parents, death of a partner, foster parenting, extramarital affairs of father or mother, etc are the reasons counted to be a change in parenting structure.

As we look at the optimistic side, the children raised by fathers are more confident in their professional and personal life as they consider their father as a reflection (to note that certain cases where contemporary issues are going inside the family). As per the study done by the experts in parenting and family structure of society brings us the data that those children who suffer the pain of losing parents or suffer from the environment where their parents do not have a good relation often tend to get discouraged and affects their personality and relationship with the outside world.

In certain cases, the family structure where there is a divorced single parent, the child is often depressed which somewhere or the other affects the cognitive, social, and emotional disbalance in his/her behavior which often makes them negative in personality.

Paternity vs Maternity:

In the provided 2 positions often there is a huge bridge between maternity (Motherhood) and Paternity (fatherhood). The quest is majorly upon, why do paternity be related to father? rather it is denoting both the parents, whereas maternity is only reflected, mother! Paternity is rightly fatherhood as a father is the main key to parenting as he is the divine creator of the whole universe. So, a father is a crucial part of parenting.

Fatherhood is a topic where still researchers are exploring and bringing new notions behind an ideal father-daughter relationship. The contemporary fathers create a benchmark for fathering and prove that fathering or paternity is specifically associated with the father and not the mother.

Breaking the Taboo:

A father in this contemporary society with all those societal norms and ethics breaks all those rules and nurture their daughters without any gender discrimination. The father nurturing was often misinterpreted as a father is a male and a daughter is a female. But this taboo is broken as fathers are the best companions of daughters in their early teenage life where a daughter goes through several body changes in which father becomes a guide, friend, motivator, therapist where she can share her psychological needs and boost her self-confidence by talking and sharing her thoughts with the first man in, her life.

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet, one of the most valuable assets in our society”

Billy Graham