Why do we need clothes?

Clothes keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.
In summer, we wear clothes made of cotton. In winter, we wear clothes made of wool or very thick material.
During rainy season, we wear raincoats or use umbrellas which are made of different kinds of cloth.

How are clothes made?

We make different kinds of clothes using different materials. These materials are got from plants and animals.


Cotton clothes are made from cotton. Cotton is got from cotton plant.

Cotton is the white hair of the cotton seeds. This hair is used to make cloth.


The silk worm makes itself a home by covering itself with silk. This cover is made by a secretion from the mouth of the silk worm. This is used to make silk.


Wool is the hair covering the body of the sheep. The hair is cut and used to make woollen clothes.

Leather and Fur

Leather is skin of animals. It is also used for making clothes.

Fur is the hair of some animals like cats, rabbits, moles, stoat etc. Clothes made of fur are very costly. In very cold places, fur and leather clothes are used. Eskimos living in polar regions wear clothes made of fur and leather only. In other cold countries also, fur clothes are worn. Leather clothes are worn clothes for fashion also.

Other materials

We also make clothes with poly cotton, polyester, terry-cotton and nylon. They are not made from natural materials. They are made of chemical substances. They are light and dry easily when washed.

People belonging to different countries wear clothes made of different materials.

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