Health Effectiveness of Mushroom

Mushrooms are one of the most used vegetables .It is very delicious & nutritious .Mushrooms are also called toadstools . A mushroom is a body of fungus which is able to bear spores . Here we are talking about some edible mushrooms .Mushrooms are usually born above the soil or rotten dead waste & Their growth rate is very rapid .

Mushrooms are from the kingdom of ‘Fungi’ & Under ‘Basidiomycota’ phylum . Mushrooms are divided into 3 body parts — 1) Stem or, Stipe ; 2) Cap or, Pileus ; 3) Gills or Lamellae (It generates microspore & stores them) .The most popular & edible mushroom is Agaricus bisporus .Mushrooms can be edible and non-edible. Non-edibles are poisonous & it harms our body . Some well known edible mushroom species are —  Portobello ,Button ,Shiitake(It is also called as “King of Mushrooms”) ,Oyster ,Maitake ,Enoki ,white mushroom & many others .Now, let’s talk about their nutritional value  .

Agaricus bisporus
Enoki Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom

Nutritional value : nutritional value per 100g raw and uncooked mushrooms are given below —– 

1) 4.3 gram carbohydrate 

2) 0.1 gram fat

3) 2.5 gram protein

4) Many types of Vitamin B are available ~~ a) 0.1 milligram of Vitamin B1 ;b) 0.5 mg of vitamin B2 ; c) 3.8 mg of vitamin B3 ; d) 1.5 mg of vitamin B5 ; e) 0.11 mg of Vitamin B6 ; f) 25 microgram of Vitamin B9 , g) no amount of Vitamin C .Vitamin  B2 ,vitamin B5 and vitamin B3 are in a lots of amount in a mushroom .

5)Various minerals are also presents ~~ a) 18 mg of calcium ;b) 0.4 mg of iron ;c) 9 mg of magnesium ;d) 0.14 mg of Manganese ;e) 120 mg of phosphorus ;f) 448 mg of potassium ; g) 6 mg of sodium ;h) 1.1 mg of zinc .

6) Mushroom body contains 92% water 

7) Mushrooms contain a very high amount of 2 important antioxidants — Ergothioneine & Glutathione .

8) It also has lots of folate .

9) Mushrooms give away 94 KJ or 22 Kcal energy .

Effect on Health : 

1) Mushrooms contain a lot of calcium which is a main component of our bones . That’s why mushrooms are beneficial for our bone health. It prevents osteoporosis and joint pain problems . 

2) It also fights against cancer as mushrooms have Vitamin D and antioxidants .Folate which is also present in mushrooms, helps in the synthesis process of DNA .

3) Mushrooms have a lot of fibre. fibre helps to control the Glucose level of blood. In that way the blood sugar level remains at a safe margin .

4) Potassium, Vitamin C and fibre are good for the cardiovascular system, especially for the heart .Mushrooms have all these elements so it also prevents the risk of heart diseases .

5) Selenium, which is available in mushrooms, increases the immune power of our body and helps to prevent flu and common cold .

6) Mushrooms are a very good diet vegetable .

7) Mushrooms give a lot of energy to our body as it has lots of protein .

8)  Folate is present in mushrooms and It helps in the fetal health for any pregnant women .

9) Mushrooms contain two important antioxidants (Ergothioneine & Glutathione) that work against aging of our skin and body .

10) Mushrooms prevent the aging of our brain .