Temari balls

Hello guys today’s topic is temari balls.It is a Japanese folk art form .

These balls are from embroidery.

From Wikipedia

But with the addition of a hand-strap (made with either satin cord or ribbon) and a tassel, can serve as an accessory for a kimono; a kimono bag.

Kimono is a Japanese traditional dress they were them especially for festivals.

Temari balls were made by reusing the old kimonos in ancient times but as in present times traditional temari became an art, with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed, until the balls displayed intricate and detailed embroidery.

There are three “standard divisions” which are recognised:

  • simple division
  • 8-combination division
  • 10-combination division

In olden times japanes upper aristocracy and nobles used to compete for making beautiful temari balls.


These balls are not only environmental friendly but they are also safe for children