Beach glass

Hello guys Today we are going to talk about beach glass.

We all know about glass that we use in our daily life for various purposes.

But there is type of glass which is naturally produced in the sea or beach.

There exists a similar glass to beach glass called sea glass as their name says if the glass is produced in sea water .
This glass is found along the bodies of salt water.This glass is formed naturally .

It is a genuine glass formed by the nature.This glass is mostly used as decorations in jewellery.

Beach glass comes from fresh water and this glass can  take 20 -200 years for forming.
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So the more the ancient it is the more the texture and shape is defined.

This glass is formed from long shore drift process.This glass is also made naturally when the broken glass bottles or ship wrecks and turns them into this beautiful glass by rounding and smoothening their surfaces when water drifts over them .


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