Content Writing As A Career

Over time content writing has evolved enormously in the market. Content writing as a career provides a tremendous opportunity. In today’s world, many big firms are hiring content writers exclusively to provide content solutions to clients. 

This brings us to the question that if content writing has such potential, What do I need to become a content writer? What are the career opportunities? Salary Expectation? Well, you will find all the answers needed in this article. 

What do you need to become a content writer?

While many of the companies prefer hiring an individual who has a degree in literature or journalism & mass communication, one with excellent writing and communication skills is also welcomed by the companies. In short, anyone with good writing and communication skills can apply for it. Also, thorough knowledge of the field you are writing about is always a plus point. 

What are the career opportunities?

Looking at the demand for content writers, it can be said that the demand will stay longer in the industry. Besides taking a job in a firm one can also become a freelance writer or a full-time blogger. Mentioned below are some of the different fields of content writing:-

I) Public Relations Writing: These days, most of the corporate hire in-house writers to write their newsletters, press releases, and bulletins.

II) Technical Writing: It mostly deals with literature like user manuals and do-it-yourself kits, etc.

III) Marketing Content: In this field, a writer should be able to attract customers through catchy headlines and slugs. As a marketing content writer, one needs to be creative to attract the attention of consumers and convince them. This type of writing includes brochures, fliers, etc.

IV) Web content: As websites need to update their content to stay fresh and relevant, they hire content writers. 

V) Others: Some of the other fields of content writing includes – health, lifestyle, financial, children’s writing, academic, copywriting, and fashion.

Salary Expectation

As an experienced freelance writer one can earn up to Rs 40-50 thousand in a month. And for the content writers working for a firm, the salary varies from company to company. The average starting salary for a content writer ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. 

If you think you are made for writing then you should give content writing a short.