Evidence: Noah’s Ark is Real

Evidence: Noah’s Ark is Real

Have you ever heard of the great flood that occurred in the time of Noah? It was the first time the world had seen rain let alone a Flood. Noah was the family chosen and instructed by God to build an Ark. He was to take along with his family every living creature on land in pairs so that they would be able to reproduce and fill the earth once again when the flood recedes.

I’m almost certain that it has always left us wondering however did Noah get all those animals inside? Did he have enough food to feed his family and the animals and much more?

Ark Encounter presents a theme park in Grant County, Kentucky. It represents Noah’s Ark based on Genesis in the Bible.

To answer all your doubts and questions, keep scrolling down and you might even be surprised.


It is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high; yes it is massive. People who have gone to visit the architectural marvel have stated that going into the Ark had changed their whole perspective.

The first floor has cages for animals of every size. The builders and architects researched and built the structures, cages, the feeding system, the waste collection etc. based on how the things were made back then – right from the designing to the locking system.

Now if you might think that people of the olden age were not smart and could barely make a few huts and pots with stones and clay; you are wrong! They had much knowledge and techniques incorporated into their constructions. And the Ark is an example of that.

Most of the time we find in Bible stories for kids the Giraffe’s head popping out through the windows of the ark. The Ark Encounter proves that that never happened and everyone had enough room inside no matter how long or tall they were.

One could say that Noah put good thought into considering for the animals entrusted to him. He needed to keep them safe and secure through those tough times.

How did Noah manage to bring millions of species into the boat that we see today?

Now before we go into that, let us look at what the Bible says. In Genesis God commands Noah to take animals in pairs of each ‘kind’.

Species as we see now does not mean the kind that God was referring to. If you look at the classification : Division -> Class -> Order -> Family -> Genus -> Species, this category of species is what we witness now. But initially, when Noah took in the animals there wasn’t a category of species.

Instead ‘kind’ meant Family. This is the key point.

Like if you take the ‘dog kind’ you would have wolves, coyotes, dogs, etc. and the cat kind meaning cheetah, leopard, lion, tire etc.

And if you look at it, evolution only started after the flood. Hence the cat kind that Noah had given shelter to in the Ark gave rise to the tigers, lions, cheetahs that you see now.

So Noah had to only take in a pair of each kind which actually meant that there were just enough animals living at that time which could fit into Noah’s Ark.

The animals that were on the ark wouldn’t be the same as what we see today because they have evolved and you can find a plethora of species around you.

Does this change your perspective on the event that happened many years ago? This one model of the Ark has opened doors for understanding and believing.

Check out the video on Ark Encounter : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MV0_P4vA4Y

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