How to improve your English writing skills!!!

English is a global language that is used as a communication language now-a-days. Speaking and writing English is a easy task when you do it wholeheartedly. Yes, I said that because some people say that writing English seem to be difficult for them. But it is not. If you find it difficult let me tell you some tips to improve your writing skills. I will give you just five tips. Just abide by them and improve your writing skills.



     In expectation of achieving a good writing skill, you need to concentrate on your vocabulary. Learn the synonyms and antonyms of words and their purpose in writing. Explore more words and get to know about them. Enriching the vocabulary helps you a lot in drafting a good essay or an article. Learn those words with some examples. Use simple sentences to understand. Know what prepositions can be used with the word you choose.


     We know the word, but there may be a chance to be misspelled. In English vocabulary, there come homophones. Learn the homophones, because they are confusable. For example, ‘week and weak’ though it has the same pronunciation, the spelling is quite different. The week represents the days and the weak represents ill health.


     Here comes the important part of your writing, grammar. Learning grammar seems to be difficult but if you start learning it, it doesn’t seem to be difficult for you. Grammar is important because it enhances the attribute of your writing.

While learning grammar, you may make mistakes and know that mistakes are a way to correct yourself. Proofread your content carefully.


     Reading English improves your reading skills as well as your writing skills. Reading gives a sense of accomplishment because you will something new. It’s the most appropriate way to get ideas from different people and learn. Choose a book, article, or even daily newspaper that excites you. Read it.


     Writing skills cannot be improved without writing. Take a topic, explore it. Start writing it and correct the mistakes by yourself. Don’t worry, if your first draft is not perfect. Even the first draft of a professional is not perfect. Stick by the proverb, PRACTICE MAKES ONE PERFECT.

Just follow these few tips and try them. Definitely your vocabulary and your writing skills will be improven.

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