International Tiger day

International Tiger day is celebrated every year on July 29,to raise awareness among people for tiger conservation.It was created in 2010,at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit.

Tiger are the largest member of cat family and one of the endangered species.Tiger population have fallen around 95% in last decade, their surviving rate in only 40%.

Amur is the largest tiger species in the world.They are also known as Siberian Manchurian,Ussurian,or Northeast- china. The male Amur can grow up to 3.3 m and weight upto 660 pounds. However,females can only grow upto 2.6 m and weight upto 330 pounds.Moreover , they are pale orange in colour and have brown stripes.They white chest and bellies.

India is the home for largest tigers in World with an estimated population of around 2500 to 3750 tigers .The most numerous tiger ,Bengal found in India.

Tiger reservation is the need of an hour .Its important to aware people about tiger reservation,before they become exist.

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