Is perfection for real ?

“Perfection is shallow, unreal and fattaly uninteresting” – Anne Lamott

Perfection is not attained in a day, actually perfection is myth even the most perfect person is not satisfised with his perfection and it cannot be fully 100% but, close to that.

It is said that many people live a life of perfection. Which is not true actually like these days social media is the greatest influencer specially for the young generation. They are more aware about the social media trends then themselves, and what we see on social media is mostly the reality getting whitewashed in the name of perfection. Thus, do not rely totally on what you see or hear everything is not true. If we are talking about trends and attaining perfection then surely we can not forget few incidence where the celebrities have tried showing the reality to the world. It can be in the form of body positivity, art appreciation or being true about what you feel. Thus, perfection is just a myth one should not involve himself or herself so much into the idea of attain perfection instead it is better to improve yourself each day if you want to overcome anything and achieve the desired goals.

Also, practice because it is not possible to draw a straight line without a ruler at the first attempt but, if you practice well to achieve the stability in your hand you can deffinately draw a line and then the whole painting. One of the factor that most of the young people are focused on achieving more in less time or early is quiet common these days but, this can create trouble as in the hurry of gaining everything that too early can cost many other things. Perfection is real only if wanted till certain extend you can multitask, work hard, set goals, and became more aware about your inner self all this is equal to achieving perfection in anything.
Perfection is about eliminating flaws and mistakes , while some people are thinking that if it is possible to be perfect, some are already indulged in the process and some are probably faking perfection. Every one is at different stage. Also, there are professions that demand perfection like a photographer who has to click thousands of pictures and even sometimes wait for years to get that one perfect shot.
So its not like perfection does not exist but, the term has been created to appreciate the efforts of the person. Its just about being the best version of yourself and excel in the areas of your interest at both personal and professional level. It is important to not forget what you really are chasing perfection can be a tough job so it is better to chase excellence and be happy with all that you have and achieved so far in life.

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