Your Humble Beginnings Matter

Even if your beginnings are humble, the end will be prosperous.

When was the last time you compared yourself to someone and felt utterly dejected about your own self? When was the last time you stopped rushing through tasks and took time to breathe in an air of relief?

For me, comparison is something that I do on a daily basis. Randomly, anytime, anywhere as if performing a sacred ritual meant to calm you. In my case, this ritual only leaves a turmoil behind. And to be honest I can’t help it.

For instance, one time I saw a girl riding a bike and going to work. She was dressed in “office-clothes” while I wasn’t. Looking at her beam confidence I started to compare myself to her and started feeling lower than her in some way. Another time, I heard some of my seniors bad-mouthing someone and I felt how much better I was than them because I wasn’t doing such a thing. But the truth was that I just wasn’t comfortable enough with them to join in the conversation. If it had been a good-friend of mine I bet I would have joined in the “judgy-gossip” right away. But the thing is, I really am clueless about how to do this away.

The regular sayings of “It’s okay”, “It happens. You’ll grow through it” doesn’t seem to take the shape of reality. Everyday goes on with me self-assessing almost every individual that piques my interest and trying to find ways just to put myself below or above them in the hierarchical status called being and life. I don’t think there are any successful ways out for people like me, for whom even trying feels like a hassle because all we’ve gotten back until now is nothing.

So the only thing that I’d like to tell people and to myself is, “Keep your beginnings humble”. What I mean to say is, take your baby steps, and take your sweet time to grow, even though life is short, it’s actually pretty long and no one knows what lies on the other side of life.

When your beginnings are humble, and your view is not clogged with ‘perfectionism’ or victory, you’d be more at ease. You’d move with your own conditions and would therefore care less about the tasks of others. Your humble beginnings will remind you to see things from your perspective and not from the object race-winning one. Your humble beginnings will show you that you don’t have to learn things fast and execute them perfectly as a machine. Some things can be taken slow. (I don’t mean the hobbies)

If you keep your beginnings humble you’ll be able to cut yourself some slack once in a while without any guilt and without the pressure of keeping up with others. You’ll understand that everyone’s pace is different and so is their direction. So whenever you’ll find yourself in a tough spot, you won’t hesitate to take a break.

Your humble beginnings, that doesn’t blow the bomb right out of the cannon, are okay too. It’s okay if your focus is on one thing and a little minor on the rest. These simple and humble beginnings will end up as prosperous and bring happiness for you someday.

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