Is Social Media Marketing a good choice ?

Side Effects relating to Social Media Marketing and solution

It has become a trend to promote businesses on social media platforms since they provide a large customer base by widening the reach. It is an economical way and less time-consuming than the traditional method of advertising which used posters, banners, direct selling and other such methods. Therefore it is a good way to attract customers all across the world and communicate the brand in an interesting and unique way keeping in mind the competition on the platform.

This has led to emergence of a variety of ideas to promote businesses especially startups in an innovative and much appealing way. Social media often comes out with new tricks and techniques which are used by people as per their interests and need. However this is leading to an increase in content on media day by day and people are observed to keep scrolling through them on a higher rate.

It is good to use such platforms to promote an idea or business but it’s prolonged usage is affecting the lifestyles of the common population. Social media is gaining importance day by day, increasing the number of users and content shared across. Those unwilling to be a part of it have to use it due to impositions by their organisations. Some use it to remain updated about what’s going around while some use it for information and knowledge purpose. But it is becoming difficult to come out of the web of social media platforms once a person gets stuck in it. This directs to the problem of addiction among the users. Once they start the use, the mind automatically diverts to the less-useful content shared across which doesn’t require attention by the person.

This is a major problem among the youth, distracting them and attracting towards easier paths in life to earn money through social media which is practically not a satisfying decision for young people. They should be more inclined towards hard work and innovations. There is a need for all of us to live the reality without being immersed in the beauty of the virtual world which is actually not everyone’s cup of tea to lean on and adopt in order to earn money.

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Social media marketing is bringing more attention towards them. It influences people to buy the products and services using unique ideas of selling through social media. This platform is chosen as there are a wide range of active users who are targeted as customers easily. Business gets easy this way. But it is also advocating more usage of such platforms thus leading us to a virtual reality world where contact is real but medium is virtual. These kind of practices have long term effects on physical as well as mental health of a person. A person interested in products or services of a brand will have to join the social platforms to get in touch with them and gradually he/she would get attracted to useless content and creations, thereby increasing usage (in vain) and lowering the person’s productivity.

Moving to a digital world is a step towards modernization but it must be in check with health. Alternative ways to promote growth of one’s business should be developed in order to bring notice towards physical participation as well. It would be a better idea if people are involved physically to advertise and gain customers. Techniques can be developed for fun activities and methods where the common beings are involved; in order to attract them towards the brand and communicate the necessary information. This way, we can move ahead and out of the virtual world, interacting and contacting directly.