Review – Knvies Out

The era of the “Whodunnit” has passed, which, if Kenneth Branagh’s clumsy 2017 adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express” is any indication, is a good thing.

In “Knives Out,” a modern murder mystery with an interesting plot and indisputably excellent cast, director Rian Johnson gives us an updated take on this structure just a few years later.

The answer is yes! “From the very beginning, “Knife Out” brought the audience into its world, juxtaposing the classic tone of the format with a more modern collection of scenes and characters. The main location of the story, a house, an isolated field, Direct shot from the “Whodunnit” script, it perfectly presents and contains old and new trinkets, including intricate ornaments and secret windows, as well as elegant environments and challenging coffee cups, which read: “My home.” My rules. My coffee. “The most important thing is that this film strikes the right balance between simplicity and complexity, while also paying tribute to the films that inspired it and gave them new changes.
The central theme of the story is the aftermath of the hypothetical suicide of Harlan Sloby (Christopher Plummer). Harlan Sloby (Christopher Plummer) is a well-known crime writer and a well-rounded crime writer. Popular tycoons, thieves, and leech gang patriarchs can hardly be described as a family. With the arrival of the famous private investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the investigation that was about to end became a murder investigation: everyone is a suspect. The first act of film
is admirably sharp and graceful, promoted with effortless composure and humor through preliminary interviews with each character. Each character has been revealed to have a potential motivation to bring Harlan to the afterlife, but this is the situation surrounding death. How and when did someone in the family act like this?
In fact, this movie can be described as a long red herring, leading the audience down a fascinating path, holding our attention tightly until … nothing. However, the excellent performance of “Blade Out of the Sheath” ultimately disappointed him, and the story built to the point where it was almost impossible for most of the characters to support murder, except for one or more of its characters. It was. The identity of the killer or murderer is so obvious that it is almost unbelievable – the audience is likely to expect an additional turning point, unfortunately, it did not appear.
This is not to say that this movie is not worth your time or money. This is a lighthearted, fascinating, self-aware, interesting and sometimes very interesting game, each actor is as close to his Agame as possible. For you to guess if your two-hour runtime is satisfying enough, it can be worse than being a little hobbyist detective on a rainy winter day.

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